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A Look at Hotel Shoho, One of the Top 100 Hotels and Ryokans in Japan

Hotel Shoho, introduced in this video, is a famous hot spring hotel in Shinshu (信州, Shinshu) Matsumoto (松本,Matsumoto) in Nagano Prefecture (長野県, Nagano-Ken) Here, you can enjoy Japanese cuisine with excellent ingredients, and spectacular views of the Northern Alps from the open-air baths using natural hot spring water.
Hotel Shoho has received high reviews on review and comparison websites.

The hotel has also been selected as one of the "Top 100 Hotels and Ryokans" in Japan, as selected by professionals, so we mean it when we say that this hotel is worth the visit.
In this article, we will introduce you to the interior facilities of the Japanese modernist (hotel-style ryokan) onsen inn, filled with the rich nature of Shinshu, healing, relaxation, and hospitality.
Sit back and enjoy a taste of this luxury hotel style onsen ryokan (Japanese style hot spring inn)!

Enjoy Some of the Finest Gourmet Food in Japan at Hotel Shoho

First, we’ll introduce three restaurants in Hotel Shoho, all of which offer dishes using local ingredients from Shinshu.
At ‘Shunsai Dining Shinshu,’ they offer freshly prepared dishes, such as Shinshu beef in an open kitchen, and the guests enjoy the meal in a private room.

The second restaurant is the Japanese restaurant ‘Shokusai Kamikochi,’ which boasts a private space that offers freshly cooked Shinshu brand ingredients. We recommend this restaurant for small groups.

The third one is the dinner / Izakaya style restaurant ‘Kihachi.’
Here, you can enjoy more than 40 kinds of local Sake.

The Japanese cuisine, cooked by the first-class Itamae chef utilizing the bounty of the mountain, served side-by-side with local Shinshu Sake, are beautifully arranged.
Be sure to take some pictures for your instagram!

The Hotel Spectacular Views of Shoho's Prized Guest Rooms and Splendid Open-Air Baths

Hotel Shoho has both Japanese-style rooms and western-style rooms, and each room is equipped with an onsen bath.
In the VIP room on the top floor, you can enjoy a large panoramic view in the open-air bath.

The pride of Hotel Shoho is the open-air bath overlooking the Northern Alps and Matsumoto Castle.
You can enjoy the scenic beauty of Matsumoto while soaking in a relaxing hot spring.
The open-air bath is open from 3 PM to 11 PM for women and from 6 AM to 11 AM for men. You can also walk around the hotel wearing a Yukata.

Sightseeing Around Shinshu Matsumoto

Image of Utsukushigahara plateau
©Suganu0405 Modifying

The area around Shinshu Matsumoto is a land surrounded by the Northern Alps, with scenic spots such as Azumino, Kamikochi and the national treasure Matsumoto Castle.
Kamikochi is one of Japan's leading mountain resorts, and is a popular tourist sight, with 2 million people visiting the location every year to enjoy mountain climbing and hiking.
The water of the rivers and ponds is crystal clear and are famous for their shiny emerald color.

If you want to enjoy the great outdoors of Shinshu on your sightseeing tour around Hotel Shoho, you've got to check out Utsukushigahara plateau!
Utsukushigahara Onsen has footbath and a one-day bath as well, making it a popular spot where guests at Hotel Shoho can spend their time relaxing.

Shinshu is known for its harsh climate, but is blessed with colorful natural scenery, such as cherry blossoms in spring, greenery in summer, autumn leaves in the fall, and beautiful snowscapes in winter, allowing guests to enjoy a variety of beautiful scenery no matter when they visit.

Summary of Hotel Shoho

The Hotel Shoho official website is updated with day trip plans and other various events.
Amenities for children are also provided, making it a great place for family trips as well.
Rates vary by plan, season, and day of the week. Due to the popularity of this inn, we recommend booking as soon as possible.

The video also gives a look at the atmosphere of Hotel Shoho's rooms, restaurants, and hot springs.
We hope this article has inspired you to visit Hotel Shoho; It's definitely worth the visit!
There's a free shuttle bus available by the police station near JR Matsumoto Station that will take you to Hotel Shohoho. Remember, when booking your trip, the sooner the better!

◆Hotel Shoho Facility Overview◆
【Address】527 Yamabe, Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture 〒390-0221
【Access】20 minutes by taxi from Matsumoto Station on the JR Chuo Line
【Tel】+81 263-38-7711

【Official Website 】Hotel Shoho

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Hotel Shoho - A Luxury Hotel Inside a Hot Spring Resort in Matsumoto, Nagano. See the Amazing Facilities and Delicious Cuisine Offered at One of Japan's Top 100 Hotels!
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