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Introducing Bessho Sasa at Mount Fuji!

This "LENZ Inc. movie sample" produced "Mt. Fuji Onsen Bessho Sasa webcm Long(富士山温泉 別墅然然webcmロング)" is a sightseeing PR video of the luxury inn "Bessho Sasa" located in Fujiyoshida City, Yamanashi Prefecture in the Kanto region of the Mt. Fuji hot spring area.

Bessho Sasa is section on the 4th and 5th floors of Hotel Kaneyamaen, and it is a luxury Japanese-style inn where you can enjoy extraordinary relaxation and a space with the highest level of hospitality.
Plans for anniversary trips and girls' trips are available, so no matter what your plan is, they've got you covered.
The luxury inn Bessho Sasa is a popular ryokan on hotel and ryokan review and comparison sites.

The video shows two women enjoying Bessho sasa.
Be sure to take a look and experience atmosphere of Bessho sasa.

Rooms at Mt. Fuji's Bessho Sasa

There are three types of rooms at Bessho Sasa: Mizuho, Fukuchi, and Akemi.
All of the rooms have a magnificent view of Mt. Fuji. This can be seen at 1:35 in the video.
On top of that, all rooms have exclusive open-air baths.

Bessho Sasa's Hot Springs

If you use the Mt. Fuji Hot spring "Bessho Sasa," you can use the public bath at Hotel Kaneyamaen.

The qualities of this hot spring are calcium, sodium, and sulfate, and it is effective at treating hypertension, arteriosclerosis, trauma, burns, rheumatoid arthritis, neuralgia, muscle pain, joint pain, stiff shoulders, motor paralysis, joint stiffness, bruising, sprains, chronic digestive disorders, hemorrhoids, cold sensitivity, atopic dermatitis, post-sickness recovery, and fatigue recovery. It also promotes health and more.
Hotel Kaneyamaen also has a day lunch and bathing rest plan if you're on the move.

Dining at Mt.Fuji's Bessho Sasa

At Mt. Fuji Hot springs' Bessho sasa, you can look forward to seeing the finest Japanese cuisine available. This can be seen from 1:40 in the video.
Dinner and breakfast are packed with local ingredients, and we recommend topping the experience off with some spirits, such as sake or Japanese wines. This will help you experience all of the different flavors and relax simultaneously.

The On-Site Facilities of “Bessho Sasa”

Bessho Sasa's exclusive lounge is introduced at 0:55 in the video, and from the club lounge, you can enjoy light meals and drinks while looking out at the superb view of Mount Fuji, which is absolutely stunning.
After enjoying the natural hot springs, we recommend putting on a yukata and visiting the Japanese garden.
This can be seen at 2:57 in the video.

Also, be sure to use the SASA exclusive beauty treatment menu introduced at 2:34 in the video.
At Bessho Sasa, they also offer a selection of specialty items as amenities.

Sightseeing at Bessho Sasa

Image of roller coaster
Photo:Roller coaster

Fujiyoshida City, Yamanashi Prefecture, where the villa is located, has many popular tourist attractions.

There are sightseeing spots such as the popular theme park "Fujikyu Highland," "Mt.Fuji Chureito Pagoda," "Fuji Asama Shrine," "Arakurayama Asama Park," where you photograph the beautiful Mt. Fuji Asama Shrine," La Ville de Gaspard Et Lisa," the world's first theme park for the popular picture book "La Ville de Gaspard Et Lisa," "Thomas Land," a live-action version of the world of Thomas, and "Shiraito Falls," which is about a 150 meter drop. Also there is "Mt. Fuji Aoyama Taijingu Shrine," which enshrines Taijin, and the power spot "Arayayama Shrine."

There are also popular local dishes, such as "Yoshida Udon" and "Hoto."
We recommend checking some of these places out if you're planning on visiting Bessho Sasa.

Summary of Bessho Sasa

If you stay at Mt.Fuji Hot springs' ryokan "Bessho Sasa," you'll have an amazing experience. 3 minutes of footage hardly does Bessho Sasa justice.

If you would like to enjoy sightseeing in Yamanashi Prefecture, enjoy Japanese food at a ryokan, or enjoy a special stay at a Japanese inn, please check the official website for accommodation rates and other information. When booking a room, the earlier the better.

◆Mt.Fuji Onsen, Bessho Sasa Facility Overview◆
【Address】6283 Kamiyoshida, Fujiyoshida City, Yamanashi Prefecture
【Access】Free pick-up from Fujikyu Line "Mt. Fuji Station"
【Parking】Available (free)
【Phone number】0555-30-0033

【Official Website】 Mt. Fuji's Exclusive Hot Spring Inn | Bessho sasa

【Tripadvisor】 Mt. Fuji's Exclusive Hot Spring Inn | Bessho sasa

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Last Updated : Nov. 11, 2020
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Spend the Finest Time at Bessho Sasa, a Mt. Fuji Hot Spring in Yamanashi Prefecture. All Rooms Have Private Open-Air Baths With Spectacular Views of Mt. Fuji!
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