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Yuraku, Kinosaki Onsen: Video Introduction

This video, titled "【Kinosaki Spa & Gardens, Yuraku Official】Promotional Video|Kinosaki Onsen, JAPAN" (【城崎温泉 湯楽 Kinosaki Spa&Gardens公式】プロモーションビデオ Kinosaki Onsen JAPAN), was uploaded by "Kinosaki Spa & Gardens, Yuraku" (城崎温泉 湯楽Kinosaki Spa&Gardens).

Located in Kinosaki Onsen in Toyooka, Hyogo, in Japan's Kansai Region, Yuraku is a popular ryokan (Japanese-style inn) where guests can enjoy private baths even on one-day trips, and enjoy delicious cuisine, such as snow crab and Tajima Beef. Change into a colorful yukata and tour the extravagant hot spring resort and its seven outdoor hot springs!

Yuraku, Kinosaki Onsen – A Ryokan With Mouthwatering Cuisine and Sublime Hot Springs

Image of snow crab
Photo:Snow crab

The dishes served at Kinosaki Onsen's Yuraku include Tajima beef, snow crab, live abalone, and sashimi made from locally caught fish, all of which are local specialties. Snow crab is the pride of Yuraku, with the owner personally purchasing the crab every morning at a local auction. The Kyukoku no Choshoku (究極の朝食, lit. "Ultimate Breakfast"), is a special breakfast made with the finest ingredients, and is highly regarded by guests who stay at the hotel. The Ultimate Breakfast is made with rice cooked in a pot right before your eyes and premium local eggs.

[Video] 1:22 - Crab Dishes
[Video] 1:31 - Tajima Beef Steak

Yuraku, Kinosaki Onsen – Extensive Amenities, Excellent Facilities, and Top-Notch Service!

Image of a baby
Photo:A baby

Yuraku offers a wide variety of amenities in its rooms. Guests can enjoy relaxing in comfortable yukata while sitting in chairs said to be of the utmost comfort. The hotel also offers a "Baby Plan" to accommodate parents traveling with their children to a hot spring resort. Rooms are equipped with a pot that can be set to 70°C for making powdered milk, a trash can for diapers (specially designed to eliminate odors) and wipes, and corner rooms are available as well. The changing rooms and bathing areas are covered with tatami mats, which are great for people with infants or the elderly, so you can enjoy the hot springs of Kinosaki Onsen with peace of mind.

The 3 Popular Private Baths at Kinosaki Onsen + Features & How to Reserve Them!

Guests can choose from three types of private baths free of charge. We'll introduce the features of each bath below. Each bath can be reserved for 40 minutes per room, so the whole family can enjoy the hot springs of Kinosaki Onsen in a relaxed atmosphere.

◆Take (竹, Bamboo): A traditional Shigaraki pottery bath with a rich texture
The bath is a luxurious bath with freshly picked flowers, such as orchids and roses, floating in the water.

◆Tsuki (月, Moon): A natural stone hewn bath inspired by the image of a full moon floating in the starry sky
The orange and lime bath has a refreshing citrus aroma, and the floor is covered with tatami mats, making it safe for everyone from babies to the elderly.

◆Kaze (風, Wind): A stone bath with a natural stone shape, created by hollowing out a large natural stone
The bathtub is slightly larger than the other private open-air baths, and is filled with floating apples.

Reservations can be made at the reception desk upon check-in (first-come, first-served basis) by telling the receptionist the type of bath you wish to use and the time of day. In addition, advance reservations can be made for 2,200 yen, and those who make reservations through the official website can use the advance reservations free of charge. Please check the official website for more information.

Enjoy Strolling Around in a Fashionable Yukata With the Yukata Rental Service!

Image of a yukata rental service
Photo:An image showing a yukata rental service

The museum also offers a Yukata Rental Service where guests can rent a yukata, and they also help you put in on for free. Match a fashionable yukata with cute obi and other accessories and enjoy a stroll through the Kinosaki Onsen area. Be sure to take a memorable photo while wearing the photogenic yukata. It's sure to look good on Instagram! The inn is surrounded by lush greenery, and if you listen carefully, you can hear the chirping of birds, the sounds of insects, and the rustling of bamboo groves, all of which are sure to help soothe your mind and soul. Enjoy the historical atmosphere of the Kinosaki Onsen area to your heart's content.

Summary of Yuraku, a Traditonal Japanese Inn at Kinosaki Onsen

Yuraku has been in business for 50 years, and has built up its history with the intention of making guests fall in love with Kinosaki Onsen and by ensuring guests an enjoyable stay at Yuraku. Experience private open-air baths, hospitable cuisine, and meticulous service in one place. Guests can receive free tickets to any of the seven outdoor hot springs at the front desk. Smoking is not permitted in the building, but there is a smoking area available. Book a stay at Yuraku and enjoy all that Kinosaki Onsen has to offer!

【Official Website】YURAKU, Kinosaki Spa & Gardens

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Yuraku at Kinosaki Onsen – Explore the Private, Open-Air Bath of the Popular Japanese Inn via Video. Delicious Crab, Tajima Beef, and More in a Relaxing Japanese Atmosphere in Hyogo Prefecture
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