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A PR Video for Koyado Enn, Where You Can Enjoy the Kinosaki Hot Springs

This video, titled "城崎温泉 但馬牛の宿 小宿 縁 Koyado Enn," produced by "First Tone Inc.," features the attractive points of "Koyado Enn" in Kinosaki Onsen in Hyogo.

Koyado Enn is one of the most popular accommodations on travel comparison sites.

This video clip includes various information of Kinosaki onsen such as food, hot springs, atmosphere of the town, and the hospitality of the Koyadoen staff, as well as interviews with guests who have stayed at Koyado Enn.
If you see this video, you would probably think that you want stay there.
Enjoy the sights of Kinosaki Onsen's "Koyado Enn."

What Kind of Ryokan Is Koyado Enn?

It takes 3 minutes to reach Koyado Enn from Kinosaki Onsen Station by foot.
This historical ryokan was renovated and reopened in 2013.
A sophisticated atmosphere is created by a modern-style, plastered building.

There are three types of guest rooms, including Japanese style, Western style, and Japanese-Western style guest rooms.
All rooms provide a relaxing experience.
There are various options available as well, such as stays without meals, breakfast packages, and the "Tanba-gyu" Dinner plan.
Prices start from ¥7700 (~$72 USD).
We recommend making a reservation as soon as possible due to the inn's popularity. There is also a business package that isn't offered at most Ryokan.
Every guest room has various amenities.

According to Seiji Taoka, one of the staff at Koyado Enn, Hyogo's Kinosaki was traditionally likened to a Ryokan (Japanese style inn).
It's said that the station is an entrance, the streets are passages, the inn is the guest rooms and outdoor hot spring is a large public bath.

Kinosaki consists of a culture centering on hot springs and is a very famous hot spring town where every visitor can feel the Japanese atmosphere.
Kinosaki is also promoted as a "Yukata village" because tourists can walk around wearing them.

Food Hunting at Koyado Enn

Guests at Koyado Enn can enjoy delicious Japanese foods including "Tanba-gyu."
Koyado Enn has a restaurant, called "Tanba-gyu Irori Dining Mikuni," which specializes in Tanba-gyu and is famous for its high quality meat.
All beef served in this restaurant is raised on the contracted farm.

You can hear the real voices of guests who ate the delicious Tanba-gyu at Koyado Enn, in this video (1:57).
The staff at Koyado Enn strive to maintain the title of Tanba-gyu as the second best food brand in Kinosaki.
Second only to crab.

Visitors can relax at the café & bar "3rd" on the first floor (4:07).
This café/bar serves breakfast, including omelets and salad, as well as beverages like coffee, tea and wine.

Kinosaki Onsen's Koyado Enn: Experience Japan

The most attractive point of Koyado Enn is the hot springs.
There are two chartered baths for family such as "Tsukino-yu" and "Hoshino-yu."
Every guest can relax in these baths.
The minerals in the spring are are natrium, calcium and chloride. It is said that this spring is very effective against various diseases and symptoms Neuralgia rheumatism, gynecological disease, post-sickness recovery stress relief, motor dysfunction, joint pain, muscle pain, stiff shoulders, digestive trouble, neuralgia, bruises, cold sensitivity, etc.

Also, we recommend going to the outdoor hot springs such as "Satono-yu," "Jizo-yu," "Yanagi-yu," "Ichino-yu," "Goshono-yu," "Mandarano-yu," and "Kono yu."
Wearing a yukata and walking around a town is sure to be an enjoyable time.
These outdoor hot springs are also available as one-day spots.

Tourist Spots Around Koyado Enn

Image of Kinosaki onsen
Photo:Kinosaki onsen

There are many sightseeing spots around Koyado Enn in Toyooka city, Hyogo.

For example, "Kinosaki Onsen Ropeway," "Hyogo Park of the Oriental White Stork," "Kinosaki Marine World," "Uemura Satomi Boken-kan" are popular facilities. There are natural instagrammable sceneries including "Genbudo Park," "Takeno Coast," "Michi-no-Eki Kannabe Kogen," the "Sea of clouds of Cruhi-dake.” Also there are historical spots such as "Izushi Castle Town," "Town of Kinosaki Onsen," "Izushi Eirakukan."

If you visit Koyado Enn, be sure to check out some of these popular spots.

Summary of Koyado Enn

This video titled "Kinosaki Onsen Koyado Enn" (城崎温泉 但馬牛の宿 小宿 縁 Koyado Enn), produced by "First Tone Inc." features the attractive points of "Koyado En" in Kinosaki onsen, Hyogo.
Guests at the inn will experience the finest hospitality and services and can enjoy their time as they please.
Enjoy spending a wonderful time at the popular ryokan!

◆Information for Koyado Enn◆
【Address】219 Yushima Kinosaki-cho Toyooka shi Hyogo 669-6101
【Access】20 minutes from Tanba airport by bus

【Official Website】Koyado Enn, Kinosaki onsen

【Tripadvisor】Koyado Enn

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Koyado Enn, Kinosaki Onsen: With Its Amazing Service and Hospitality There's a Reason This Ryokan Is So Popular. Be Sure to Try the Delectable
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