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Check out the Terrace Club at Busena introductory video!

This video "The Terrace Club at Busena (8KHDR)(テラスクラブ アット ブセナ)" which was created by "Japan Explorers" is an introductory video of the luxury hotel "The Terrace Club at Busena" in Okinawa (沖縄).

The wellness resort "The Terrace Club at Busena" which faces out onto Nago Bay received four stars from the Forbes Travel Guide 2020 (フォーブス・トラベルガイド2020).
In 2016, the Terrace Club at Busena was added to the list of Small Luxury Hotels of the World (SLH).
This resort hotel which is famous for its stunning scenery also boasts superb service and constantly receives rave reviews from guests.

How to spend your stay at the Terrace Club at Busena

At the Terrace Club at Busena, you can enjoy various water activities in the Thalasso seawater pool, heated pool or spend some time in the relaxation space.
There is also a beautiful, long beach situated directly outside the hotel where you can make some great memories during your stay.

Each room comes with it's own exclusive staff who can offer club service throughout your stay.
The rooms are so luxurious you can feel satisfied spending the entire day indoors!
You can take a look at some of the hotel rooms from 1:42 in the video.

Restaurant service at the Terrace Club at Busena

As you can see from 2:39 in the video, you can enjoy a variety of delicious food at the hotel's restaurant.
There is also a café and poolside bar available where you can spend an enjoyable tea time.
In the lounge, you can order an unlimited amount of drinks, including champagne at no extra cost.
Cake and other desserts are also free of charge.

Enjoy dinner at the Fine Dining restaurant, or cocktails in the Library Lounge and Bar where you can also order a Fugu (pufferfish) course.
As you can see from 3:04 in the video, you can enjoy dinner and drinks while listening to a live piano performance, what a great way to spend the evening!

The Terrace Club at Busena Intoductory Video Summary

The Terrace Club at Busena is the perfect place to enjoy a trip away with children or as a couple.
There are many sightseeing spots nearby such as the Okinawa Commemorative National Government Park (also known as Kaiyohaku Park), Churaumi Aquarium, Bios Hill and Neo Park Okinawa.
There are also many tours you can take part in to see as much as possible during your stay in Okinawa!
The Terrace Club at Busena is easily accessible by limousine bus from Naha Airport.

We highly recommend booking a stay at the Terrace Club at Busena to those looking for the ultimate Okinawa experience.

◆The Terrace Club at Busena – Information Summary◆
【Address】Okinawa prefecture, Nago city, Kise 1750
【Access】90 minutes by car or taxi from Naha Airport (via Japan National Route 58, 国道58号)
【Telephone No】0980-51-1113

【Tripadvisor】The Terrace Club at Busena

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