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Le Grand Karuizawa Hotel & Resort

This video created by Le Grand Karuizawa introduces Le Grand Karuizawa Hotel & Resort, and is titled "Le Grand Karuizawa Hotel and Resort, Promotional Video"(ルグラン軽井沢 ホテル&リゾート プロモーションムービー).
Karuizawa-Cho, in Nagano prefecture, is one of the luxury mountain resorts in Japan, and located at an altitude of 1000 meters above sea level.
We are going to introduce “Le Grand Karuizawa Hotel & Resort,” where you can experience the highest-quality customer service, located at the foot of Mount Asama in Nagano in the Koshinetsu region which is famous for its Onsen (hot springs).

In this video, you will see the wedding hall, onsen, and rooms that will make your wedding day unforgettable. Enjoy the video of the place that will be the grounds for the happiest day of your life.

What is “Le Grand Karuizawa Hotel & Resort”

“Le Grand Karuizawa Hotel & Resort” is a luxury resort hotel located at the foot of Mount Asama (浅間山,Asama san) in Karuizawa-Cho, Nagano in Shinshu in Japan.

Access is 15 minutes from Karuizawa JR station by car.
They also provide a shuttle bus service between the station and the hotel.
The affiliated hotel "Le Grand Kyu Karuizawa hotel" is located nearby.

“Le Grand Karuizawa Hotel & Resort” Wedding Plans

The video mainly introduces wedding plans.
A wedding is supposed to be the most special day of your life.
In this video, the introduction of their wedding plan starts around 2:43.

“Le Grand Karuizawa Hotel & Resort” has a large premises for a wedding venue.
With the chapel, the beautiful garden and terrace tables, they provide the most wonderful experience to everyone at the wedding ceremony.

A lot of people may feel Karuizawa is a place for special occasions because it is known as a vacation region.
This hotel has highly-rated reviews on its wedding plans compared to other hotels in the region, and a lot of its customers have had a great start to the next chapter in their life here.
They regularly hold a bridal fair or event in Ginza Salon in Tokyo so that people can discuss or consult about the wedding plans without actually going to the site.
It is also a part of the reason that it has such a good reputation.

“Le Grand Karuizawa Hotel & Resort”: Rooms and the Extensive Onsen Area

“Le Grand Karuizawa Hotel & Resort” has three types of rooms.
One in the main building furnished with European Antiques, one in the Villa Suite, and one in the highest-grade luxury "Yamanoue Suite" so customers can choose the room they would like to stay in.

They also have multiple bathing facilities for customers to choose from depending on their mood that day.
There's the large public bath "Komorebi" which is filled with natural Onsen water, a private bath, a Tembo-buro (a bath with a nice outside view), and Happu Onsen.
Because Nagano prefecture is featured for its many onsen, you can enjoy a variety of luxurious onsen here.

Happu Onsen is Hydrogen Carbonate Spring which is known as one of three "Hot Springs of Beauty"(the top three springs contain chemicals that benefit health and beauty) in Japan.
Happu Onsen has positive effects on wounds and skin conditions.
A day trip is also possible.
Around 1:37 in the video, you can see the hotel rooms and around 1:02 the onsen are shown.

Facilities of “Le Grand Karuizawa Hotel & Resort”

On the hotel's large premises, there are swimming pools, gardens, a spa, and a gym as well.
Spend your quality time however you would like.
In the mountain area, there is a "Yamanoue sweet terrace/activity deck" located 1000 meters above sea level.
In the main building, there is a classical style main entrance, a garden decorated with seasonal flowers, a boutique for gifts and "SPA LA VILLA" where you can enjoy a facial massage in a relaxing room.

They also have rooms called "Prive.Lac," "Bell Foret," and "En Chante" for meeting and banquet purposes.

“Le Grand Karuizawa Hotel & Resort” Restaurants and Bars

Their French restaurant "Vaas" provides French gourmet with seasonal ingredients produced by Japan.
There is also a Grilled restaurant called "Grill Mille "serving Grilled meals with ingredients produced by the Shinshu region, "Karuizawa French," and "ASAMA Café."
Enjoy drinking at the bar "Rouge" and the "Poolside Bar" at night.
A variety of different cuisines are also served for breakfast.

Sightseeing Around “Le Grand Karuizawa Hotel & Resort”

Image of Shiraito Falls
Photo:Shiraito Falls

There are many tourist spots in Karuizawa, in Nagano prefecture where “Le Grand Karuizawa Hotel & Resort” is located at.
"Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza (軽井沢 プリンス ショッピングプラザ, Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza)" the mall with 240 stores, "Uchimura Kanzo Memorial Stone Church (石の教会 内村鑑三記念堂, Ishinokyoukai Uchimura Kanzo Kinendo)" stone & glass church, "Shiraito Falls (白糸の滝, Shiraito no Taki)" the waterfalls designated as a Japanese natural monument as well as a national scenic spot, "Hiroshi Senju Museum Karuizawa (軽井沢千住博美術館, Karuizawa Senju Hiroshi Bijutsukan)" which has a great ambiance, "Kumoba Pond (雲場池, Kumoba Ike)" also known as "Swan Lake (スワンレイク)", "Karuizawa Hoshino Area (軽井沢星野エリア, Karuizawa Hoshino Area)" which great writers and artists gathered and created their community in Taisho era, "Karuizawa Taliesin (軽井沢タリアセン, Karuizawa Tariasen)" a resort facility where there are many shops and leisure venues, "Old Usui Outlooks (旧碓氷峠見晴台, KyuUsuitouge Miharashidai)" near the top of the Usui, outlook park which is located at an altitude of 1200m, "Karuizawa Lake Garden (軽井沢レイクガーデン, Karuizawa Lake garden)" where there are 8 garden areas and one great lake in the garden, and "Old Karuizawa Ginza Street (旧軽井沢銀座道,Kyu Karuizawa Ginzado) " where several hundreds of tourists visit every year. If you're making a trip to “Le Grand Karuizawa Hotel & Resort” consider checking out some of these spots as well.

Recap of “Le Grand Karuizawa Hotel & Resort”

As shown in the video, “Le Grand Karuizawa Hotel & Resort” provides the best customer service experience (Omotenashi in Japanese) to its customers and that is one of the reasons it is so popular.
We weren't able to show how the staff provides customer service and room service in this video but we're sure that you'll be satisfied with them as well.
For more details about the hotel's facilities, room amenities and tourist spots nearby, be sure to visit their website.

Accommodation fees differ by season, room, and plan. Please check the rates on their website or other hotel booking websites when you make a reservation.

◆About “Le Grand Karuizawa Hotel & Resort”◆
【Address】864-4 Hotchi, Karuizawa, Kitasaku, Nagano 389-0113
【Access】About 15 minutes from Karuizawa JR station by car
【Parking】Yes. Limited to 45 spots

【Official Website】Karuizawa hotel / Le Grand Kyu Karuizawa

【Tripadvisor】"Le Grand Karuizawa Hotel & Resort"

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