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Accommodations of Inatori Ginsuiso

This official video, titled “Inatori Ginsuiso PV 180 second version(稲取銀水荘PV180秒版)” is produced by Inatori Ginsuiso.
There are many hot springs in Shizuoka (静岡県:Shizuoka- prefecture) in Japan's Tokai region.
Especially Inatori onsen, one of most famous hot springs in Japan.

Inatori Ginsuiso was established 60 years ago.
This long establish Ryokan is famous for its use of fresh seafood such as alfonsino, ise-ebi, abalone, and seasonal vegetables in its delicious Japanese cuisine.
Every room has an open air bath and a view of Izu East Ocean or Izu oshima.
These rooms and a lounge with an observation area attract many tourists every year.

It's 20 minutes walking from Izu Inatori station off the JR Ito-line Izu Kyuko. A free shuttle bus with a wet hand towel service is available for guests as well.
The most important thing for Inatori Ginsuiso is the spirit of hospitality. A young proprietress and female employees always aim to provide the spirit of service and hospitality to every guest.
Be sure to check out the video clip provided by Inatori Ginsuiso, that features their hospitality.

Kaiseki Meals Using Carefully Selected Ingredients

With their motto “Serve warm meals warm and cold meals cold,” fresh seafood such as alfonsino, ise-ebi or dishes using seasonal ingredients are served.
You can enjoy these delicious foods with spirits, such as Japanese sake.
Special meals for children are also served.

In the morning, a buffet breakfast is available.
You can eat Izu's specialty, "new summer orange."
You can see their morning spread at 0:50 in the video.

Luxurious Upper Floor Rooms

All guest rooms, including standard rooms, have an ocean view.
There are executive suites with open air baths called "Gin no shiori" or "Mahoroba."

Inatori ginsuiso was renovated in 2018 and the "Omotenashi suite" with an open air bath was opened afterwards.
You can see what it looks like in the footage from 0:26.

The Bountiful Springs of Inatori Ginsuiso

Inatori Ginsuiso uses the mineral rich waters of the hot spring that gushes out of the ground from its own premises.
The qualities of this spring are natrium, calcium chloride, and mild alkalinity.
This spring is good for cuts, burns, chronic inflammation of the skin, neuralgia, myalgia, and joint pain.

There are saunas, dressing rooms, a large bath, open air bath and lounge.
Varieties amenities are prepared as well.
You can see what the hot springs look like in the footage from 0:42.

The Facilities of Inatori Ginsuiso

There are various facilities for guests such as a lounge with an observation deck called "Nami no oto," a souvenir shop where popular bells are available, a morning market, an aesthetic salon called "Fleur," a massage room, and facilities that provide showering and grooming services for dogs or cats.

Also, tea is served to every guest when they arrive.
You can feel the hospitality of this ryokan, without actually being there, through the video.
There are various types of accommodation plans not just for families, but also for those traveling alone.
You can choose to eat dinner at your own room or a restaurant, called "Gin no Umi."
In addition, you can enjoy sea fishing as well.

For detailed information, see the official web site, viral sites, or various travel websites.

Tourist spots around Inatori Ginsuiso

Image of Banana Wani en
Photo:Banana Wani en

There are various tourist spots in Higashi-izu. For example, the spectacular "Atagawa Banana Wani en," the vast "Inatori Hosono Kogen (細野高原:Hosono Highland)," the "Izu Animal Kingdom" where guests can see giraffes and owls, the "Morning market in Inatori port (稲取港:inatori port) which is held every Saturday, Sunday and national holidays, “Hinano Tsurushi Kazari Matsuri” that dates back to the Edo Period, “Oyukake Benzaiten" with hot springs spewing out of the onsen turret, Higashi-izu Wind Power Plant" which has giant windmills, “Atagawa YOU Beach" where visitors can enjoy the beach or nearby pool. If you're staying at Inatori Ginsuiso,” it's a good idea to check out some of the places mentioned above.

Japan, Where Visitors Can Have a Good Time at Ryokan Hot Springs

Did you enjoy the video? If you stay in Inatori Ginsuiso in Izukogen, you can experience Japan's hospitality and enjoy a star sprinkled sky (1:25).

After watching this video, you're sure to feel the urge to visit Inatori Ginsuiso.
Please visit there with your friend to have a good time.

◆Information for Inatori Ginsuiso◆
【Address】1624-1 Inatori Higashi-izu machi Kamo Gun Shizuoka ken 413-0411
【Access】20 minutes walking from Izu Inatori station off the JR Ito-line Izu Kyuko (Free shuttle bus is available)
【Telephone No】0557-95-2215

【Official Website】Inatori Ginsuiso

【Tripadvisor】Inatori Ginsuiso

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A Luxurious Time at Inatori Ginsuiso in Higashi-izu, Shizuoka! Experience the Spirit of Japanese Hospitality With a Gorgeous Ocean View!
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