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Video introduction of "Nyuto Onsen Tsuru no Yu" in Senboku City, Akita Prefecture

This video, titled "Akita Prefecture, Nyuto Onsen Village, Tsurunoyu" (秋田県 乳頭温泉郷 鶴の湯 | Akita pref Nyuto-Onsen TSURUNOYU), was uploaded by "Low Altitude Flight High Resolution Tour" (低空飛行HIGH RESOLUTION TOUR).
Akita's Nyuto Onsen hot spring village (乳頭温泉郷, nyuto onsen kyo) is one of many secluded hot spring resorts in Japan's Tohoku region. Tsurunoyu is said to be the oldest of the onsen ryokan (traditional Japanese hot spring inn) in the hot spring town at the foot of Mt. Nyuto (乳頭山, nyuto-san). Rising up among the rapidly falling snow, the hot spring resembles something from a Japanese ink painting. Enjoy the subtle contrast between the white snow and the milky hot spring water in the video.
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Nyuto Onsen – Facts About the Famous Hot Spring

Image of Tsurunoyu Onsen, Nyuto Onsen
Photo:Tsurunoyu Onsen, Nyuto Onsen

Nyuto Onsenkyo (Nyuto Onsen Hot Spring Village) is the collective name for the numerous hot springs located at an elevation of between 600 and 800 meters at the foot of Mt. Nyuto in Towada Hachimantai National Park, in Senboku, Akita, in Japan's Tohoku region. The origin of Nyuto Onsen's name comes, not from the milky white color of its waters (Nyuto is the Japanese word for "teat," and is written with the characters 乳, meaning milk and 頭, meaning head), but from its location at the the foot of Mt. Nyuto. Incidentally, Mt. Nyuto's name comes from its characteristic shape…

As for the characteristics of Nyuto Onsen hot spring village itself, it's known for having a number of different types of onsen. Tsurunoyu and Kuroyu Onsen (黒湯温泉, kuroyu onsen) contain elements of sulphur and sulphuric acid, which are said to be effective at fighting high blood pressure and hardened arteries. On the other hand, Ganiba Onsen (蟹場温泉, ganiba onsen), containing sodium bicarbonate, is said to be good for diabetics, and Sonroku Onsen, containing radium, is said to be effective at fighting gastrointestinal and skin diseases. There are plenty of different types of hot springs to choose from, so be sure to try as many as you can!

Hanare Honjin, a Hidden Gem at Nyuto Onsen's Tsurunoyu!

Image of salt-grilled char
Photo:Salt-grilled char

Tsurunoyu is one of eight onsen at Nyuto Onsen hot spring village, located at the foot of Mt. Nyuto (1478m). It is the oldest of all the hot spring inns at Nyuto Onsen hot spring village. At Tsurunoyu, there are four different onsen to experience: Shirayu (白湯, lit. 'white bath'), Kuroyu (黒湯, 'black bath'), Naka no Yu (中の湯, 'middle bath') and Taki no Yu (滝の湯, 'waterfall bath').

Booking a room in "Honjin," a thatched-roof longhouse, preserving its now historic appearance for more than 350 years, is notoriously difficult due to its popularity. One building not listed on the inn's homepage is "Hanare Honjin." It features high ceilings, a sunken hearth, and lighting consisting of a lamp and a single light bulb, it has the deep, tasteful appearance of a secluded hot spring resort. You can enjoy a secluded, luxurious time not available anywhere else at Hanare Honijn. Despite the old-fashioned building, visitors can rest easy knowing that the toilets are heated and washable, and you can even get cell phone reception.

If you're looking for dining recommendations, the potato hotpot made with Tsurunoyu original miso (a Japanese flavoring made with soybeans) is definitely something worth trying. Visitors can enjoy seasonal flavors, including salt-grilled Japanese char, slow cooked for an hour over the sunken hearth, served in Kawatsura lacquer (a famous Akita lacquerware) tray.
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Nyuto Onsen's Hot Spring Tour

Image of Kuroyu Onsen, Nyuto Onsen
Photo:Kuroyu Onsen, Nyuto Onsen

One way to enjoy Nyuto Onsen Village is "Yumeguri," a tour that involves visiting multiple hot springs and sampling their water. Available for purchase only to those staying at one of the onsen town's hot spring inns is a "Yumeguri Cho" (湯めぐり帖, Hot Spring Passbook), allowing the holder to use each onsen once during the day, making it easier to take a dip at each of the hot springs inns. In addition, this hot spring pass remains valid for up to a year, and can be used at any time during the period of validity. Next, we'll talk about the characteristics of each hot spring.

Tsurunoyu Onsen (鶴の湯温泉)
The water is milky white, with a slight blue tinge. The facility has four different kinds of hot spring, and in the inn's famous mixed outdoor bath, you can see the spring bubbling up from the bottom.

◇ Taenoyu (妙乃湯)
Colorless and transparent, this hot spring's soft, almost syrupy, gentle water is known for its strong warming properties.

Kuroyu Onsen (黒湯温泉)
This sulphur hot spring is milky white in color, and is also known as "Bijin no Yu" (hot spring of beauty) for its ability to promote smooth skin.

Ganiba Onsen (蟹場温泉)
The water is clear in color, and Karako no yu, a sodium bicarbonate bath, is quite popular.

Magoroku Onsen (孫六温泉)
This hot spring's water is transparent, and it boasts an open-air bath where you can feel the great outdoors on your skin. The hot spring has four different sources, each with their own properties, and is known affectionately as the "yama no kusuriba" (山の薬場, mountain healing spot).

Ogama Onsen (大釜温泉)
This hot spring's water is milky white, and the facility was built from the remains of an abandoned elementary school, making for a unique atmosphere. You can experience the hot spring at different temperatures, as there are both hot and warm baths available.

◇ Kyuka-mura, Nyuto Onsen Village (休暇村 乳頭温泉郷)
This is the newest, largest hot spring facility at Nyuto Onsen hot spring village. The indoor bath is a natural hot spring, combining two different sources; one milky white, and one brown.

Nyuto Onsen Sightseeing Roundup

Nyuto Onsen's surrounding mountains boast autumn colors in the fall, and the white snow in winter accentuates the buildings with a sense of history. Nyuto Onsen is a place where you can really get a feel for the healing springs of the good old days of Japan. There are a variety of inns in the area, including inns in old private homes that have been relocated to the area, and you wash away the fatigue of everyday life in a quiet space. Escape from the bustle of the big city, and experience a taste of rural Japan.

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