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Mt. Minobu, a Sightseeing Destination in Yamanashi Prefecture

This video, titled "身延山宿坊「覚林坊」PR動画 Minobusan temple lodging Kakurinbo PR video," was released by "Shunsuke Higuchi" (樋口舜亮).
It introduces Kakurinbo, a shukubo (temple lodging) on Mt. Minobu.

Mt. Minobu is a mountain that straddles the towns Minobu and Hayakawa in Yamanashi Prefecture, in Japan's Kanto Region.
From the sightseeing observatory on the summit of Mt. Minobu, you can observe the scenic beauty of Mt. Fuji, Suruga Bay, the Izu Peninsula, and Japan's Southern Alps.
There are many temples and shrines in the area, including Kuonji Temple, the head temple of the Nichiren sect of Buddhism, and it has a long history of worship.
Before getting too far in your journey into Minobu, stop by Kuonji Temple in Minobu, a place visited by many worshipers, and collect a shuin stamp to commemorate your visit to the temple.

Experience Traditional Japanese Culture at Shukubo Kakurinbo

At Mt. Minobu, a popular tourist attraction in Yamanashi prefecture, you can experience what it's like to spend the night at a temple.
The shukubo was originally temple lodging intended for monks and traveling worshipers, but more and more people have come to use them for sightseeing purposes.
There are many shukubo like Kakurinbo on Mt. Minobu.
At the shukubo, you can spend a relaxing time while enjoying a magnificent view of the Japanese garden from the Japanese-style rooms and immerse yourself in a completely Japanese atmosphere.

Enjoy Gourmet Food and Hot Springs at Shukubo Kakurinbo

One of unique things of a shukubo is that you can enjoy local cuisine.
In this case it's the famous Yuba cuisine shown at 1:29 in the video.
The hospitality of the proprietress and priests at Kakurinbo, will surely make the memories of your trip last a lifetime.

One of the attractions of Kakurinbo is the large public bath where you can relax.
The wine bath, named after the famous wine of Yamanashi Prefecture, is also very relaxing.

Drop By Kakurinbo for Lunch

Kakurinbo's Yuba cuisine can be easily enjoyed not only by guests but also by tourists looking to enjoy a delicious lunch, so definitely consider stopping by even if you don't have much time.

In 2018, Kakurinbo opened the outdoor cafe terrace "Sakura Terrace," which can be seen at 2:23 in the video.
On this open terrace, you can enjoy lunch or coffee while admiring the magnificent natural scenery of Mt. Minobu.
Weeping cherry blossoms are lit up in spring as well, creating a fantastical atmosphere.

Summary of Kakurinbo on Mt. Minobu

At Gyogakuin Kakurinbo, you can fully experience Japanese culture as it's introduced in the video.
Enjoy a wonderful sightseeing trip while staying in temple lodging accompanied by delicious gourmet food and hot springs.

【Official Website】Gyogakuin Kakurinbo|Temple Lodging on Mt. Minobu

【Tripadvisor】Gyogakuin Kakurinbo

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A Memorable Lodging Experience at Kakurinbo in Yamanashi Prefecture! Feel the History of Japan With Delicious Gourmet Food and Hot Springs
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