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Kongobuji Temple - Located on Mt. Koya in Wakayama Prefecture, This Temple, A Sacred Place For Japanese Buddhism, Was Built by the Monk Kobo Daishi Kukai. Discover the Breathtaking Beauty of the Largest Rock Garden in Japan!
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The Silver Pavilion, or
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Zojo-ji Temple, Located Near Tokyo Tower, Is Famous as a Temple Associated With the Tokugawa Family, and There Are Tokugawa Family Tombs on the Grounds!
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This video, titled "Todai-Ji - Nara - 東大寺 - 4K Ultra HD," was released by "TokyoStreetView - Japan The Beautiful."

Nara has been around for 1,300 years and has many tourist attractions, but the most popular ones are still Todai-ji Temple and Nara Park.
Todai-ji Temple, which attracts thousands of visitors every year, was built in 743 and is the head temple of the Kegon sect of Buddhism.
The Daibutsu-den (Great Buddha Hall) is a national treasure and was surrounded by a building called a "Kondo" (Golden Hall) after the nearly 15-meter-tall Buddha was built.
There are many other national treasures on the temple grounds, including a standing statue of Kongorikishi.
Todai-ji Temple is also a World Heritage Site.
The temple has had a great influence on Japanese Buddhism and culture, making it a must-visit location!

Known for its huge, nearly 15-meter tall Buddha statue, the Great Buddha Hall at Todai-ji Temple is a popular spot to visit! The historic Todai-ji Temple is home to many other national treasures and Buddha statues!
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