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Fujiya Ryokan in Yugawara, Kanagawa

This video, titled " Fujiya Ryokan [Selected Lodgings to Visit on Weekends]" (富士屋旅館【週末に訪れたくなる厳選宿】), was uploaded by "Relux Lodging Diary" (Relux宿日記).

Fujiya Ryokan, featured in the video, is a popular long-established hot spring inn located in Yugawara, Kanagawa, in Japan's Kanto region, near Hakone.
The hot springs and scenic beauty of the area between Yugawara and Hakone have a long history that is mentioned in ancient texts, such as the Manyoshu.
Fujiya Ryokan already had a predecessor building in the late Edo period (around 1750-1860 AD), and the oldest building today, the Old Building, was built in 1923.
The oldest building, the "Old Building" (旧館, Kyuu-kan) was built in 1923, making it a building with nearly 100 years of history.

The New Building, the Old Building, and Rakumiso, all of which have equally elegant guest rooms, are connected by a long corridor that leads to the large bathhouse, allowing visitors to enjoy a stroll through the Japanese garden before a relaxing bath.

The Old Building, the (as its name implies) oldest building at the inn, provides guests with a stylish and tranquil space with a Taisho-modern taste of the time inherited through the use of fine 13.68-centimeter square pillars made of Japanese cypress and glass doors with kumiko panels.
The New Building is a high-quality guest room that provides a conscious blend of Japanese and Western styles while maintaining the retro feel of the Showa period.
The guest rooms can be viewed at 0:43 in the video.

The History of Fujiya Ryokan in Yugawara, Kanagawa

According to "Guide to Yugawara" (湯河原案内, yugawara an'nai) published in 1918, Fujiya Ryokan started its business as a hot spring inn in 1920, and was called "Juhoen" at the time.
After crossing the long bridge over the Fujiki River, you'll see a vast site lined with towers and annexes, and it is introduced as a famous ryokan where you can enjoy nature and flowers in every season.

The large bath is a hot spring cypress bath with a weak saline solution (weak alkalinity), and is considered a beauty spring because its pH is close to that of human skin.
You can see the large bath at 2:39 of the video.

Of course, visitors can also enjoy the hot spring water in the indoor baths of their guest room.
Fujiya Ryokan has been loved by many Japanese literary figures, including Doppo Kunikida, Natsume Soseki, Yosano Akiko, and Junichiro Tanizaki.

Gourmet Dining at Fujiya Ryokan in Yugawara, Kanagawa

When you think of hot spring inns, besides the hot springs and luxurious rooms, if there's anything you don't want to miss out on, it's the delicious cuisine they serve.
Fujiya Ryokan's restaurant, Hyorokutei, offers dishes that will make even the most seasoned gourmet's taste buds sing.
The name "Hyorokutei" comes from the traditional good omen for good health - Gourds (Hyotan in Japanese).
It combines the words "gourd" (Hyo)tan, six (roku), and "restaurant" (tei).
(※Gourds have long been a good luck charm for good health in Japan)

Savor the mouthwatering fish dishes made with a wide variety of Higashi-Izu seafood from Sagami Bay, as well as premium ingredients, such as Japanese black beef, locally harvested game dishes, and domestic eel.
We also recommend the "dancing icefish," which you can see in the video at 2:18, served with ginger vinegar, a specialty of Yugawara.

If you're too busy for an overnight stay, Fujiya Ryokan's one-day hot spring and gourmet plan is a great option.
At Hyorokutei, even on a day trip, you can enjoy sumptuous kaiseki cuisine, shabu-shabu made with local sea bream, charcoal-grilled meat, and other delectable dishes.

Summary of Fujiya Ryokan in Yugawara, Kanagawa

What did you think? Fujiya Ryokan, introduced in the video, has been chosen by foreign tourists as one of the best inns in Japan.
Once you stay there, it's almost inevitable that you'll become a repeat guest!

Enjoy hospitality and luxury that you can only find in Japan.
For more information on accommodations and access, please visit the official website of Fujiya Ryokan.

【Official Website】Fujiya Ryokan Yugawara

【TripAdvisor】Fujiya Ryokan

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Fujiya Ryokan - Spend the Weekend at a Long-Standing Onsen in Yugawara, Kanagawa That Blends Classical and Modern Aesthetics
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