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Introducing Hiroshima Prefecture’s “Yunoyama Onsen Morii Ryokan”

This video, “森井旅館PV : morii Japanese style hotel PV” was created by “seihayamaguchi.” It introduces the Morii Ryokan, constructed in Hiroshima Prefecture, Hiroshima City in 1935.

In the video, two women are shown enjoying a trip to the Yunoyama Onsen Morii Ryokan.
We see everything from the old-fashioned exterior to the steam onsen baths, and also get a look at natural scenery, delicious cuisine, high-quality service, and more
Yunoyama Onsen Morii Ryokan is highly-rated on hotel review and ranking sites as well.
You’ll feel the urge to visit Hiroshima’s Yunoyama Onsen Morii Ryokan after watching this video!

Yunoyama Onsen: A Place Where Even the Feudal Lords of Hiroshima Have Bathed

Yunoyama Onsen is a natural hot spring in Hiroshima Prefecture, Hiroshima City, Saeki Ward, in the Chugoku region of Japan (中国地方広島県広島市佐伯区, Chugoku-chiho Hiroshima-ken Hiroshima-shi Saeki-ku). The waters of the hot spring, which have been flowing for generations, are known as the Yunoyama Myojin Reiken-no-yu (湯ノ山明神霊験の湯, Yunoyama myojin reiken-no-yu), and the sanatorium itself is a spiritual place where many come to worship.

Yunoyama Onsen has a long history, with its waters beginning to flow in 1707, more than 300 years ago.
In 1750, the Hiroshima Clan constructed the sanatorium, Yunoyama Myojinja (湯の山明神社, Yunoyama myojinja), which was later designated an Important Intangible Folk-Cultural Property of Japan.
The head of the clan, Asano Yoshinaga, bathed in these waters.
The Yunoyama Onsen of that time was as busy and bustling as 37 hot spring hotels, with many coming to visit.
At 0:07 in the video, you can see a signboard on which is written “Hiroshima Clan Head Asano Sanatorium.”
The history and origin of the Yunoyama Onsen is also recorded in Japan’s ancient history tomes.

Yunoyama Sanatorium (湯之山旧湯治場, Yunoyama kyu-tojiba) was designated a Historic Site of Hiroshima Prefecture.

Together with Yuki Onsen (湯来温泉, Yuki onsen), the Yuki・Yunoyama Onsen (湯来・湯の山温泉, Yuki・Yunoyama onsen) was designated a National Hot Spring Health Resort by the Minister of the Environment, and it became an exceedingly popular destination.
This designation refers to hot springs which are suitable for promoting health and relaxation, with only 21 hot springs in all of Japan awarded this honor.

Yunoyama Myojin Kyu-tojiba was designated an Important Tangible Folk-Cultural Property of Japan.
The Yunoyama Onsen, run by Yukicho, was opened.

“Yuki Yunoyama Onsen” was designated a National Hot Spring Health Resort especially suitable for the promotion of health.

Kua House Yunoyama (クアハウス湯の山, Kua hausu yunoyama), run by Yukicho, was opened.
Yunoyama Onsen was selected as one of the top hot springs in Japan for recuperation.

The waters are unique in that they contain weak radioactive substances, and the temperature is a low 23.5 degrees celsius (74° F).
The waters are effective for easing the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, poor circulation, mild hypertension and chronic disease.
As shown in the video, there are two hotels near Yunoyama Onsen, namely the Yunoyama Onsen Morii Ryokan and the Yunoyama Onsenkan. At the Yunoyama Onsenkan, the Utase-yu (打たせ湯, Utase-yu), where water falls from an outcrop 4 meters high, is quite famous.

About Hiroshima’s Yunoyama Onsen Morii Ryokan

Yunoyama Onsen Morii Ryokan is a hot spring hotel located at Hiroshima Prefecture, Hiroshima City, Saeki Ward, Yukicho, Wada 464湯来町和田464, Yukicho wada 464).
It takes about 40 minutes from the Itsukaichi IC on the Sanyo Expressway (山陽自動車道の五日市IC, Sanyo jidosha-do no itsukaichi IC) to get there. Free parking is available.
Another method is to take the bus from the Itsukaichi Station off the JR Sanyo Main Line (山陽本線JR五日市駅, Sanyo honsen JR itsukaichi-eki).
The trip takes approximately 60 minutes.

Constructed in 1935, more than 80 years ago, this is a hot spring area which upholds the value of “local production for local consumption.”
The bath itself being a small, homely size with few rooms, this hotel is not one of those fashionable places generating buzz on travel sites.
However, for the purpose of soaking up the simple atmosphere of the Showa era, and having a relaxing time, this place is the perfect getaway.
There is a private onsen available for booking as well. It's introduced at 0:47 in the video.

As for meals, the wild game nabe (hot pot) with boar meat purchased from local huntsmen, as well as dishes made using seasonal local produce, are popular.
This is shown at 0:33 in the video.

A day trip plan is available, where you can make use of the private bath as well as the rooms, with lunch provided.
As for overnight stays, there are a variety of plans available, such as the provision of meals made with seasonal produce, a business plan, training camps, stays lasting for more than two nights, and more.

Information About the Surroundings of Yunoyama Onsen Morii Ryokan

Image of doctor fish
Photo:Yunoyama doctor fish footbath

Nearby Yunoyama Onsen Morii Ryokan is Kua House Yunoyama, which is equipped with water slides and an indoor hot spring pool.
A hot spring meant for day trips is also available.
Located in Kua House Yunoyama’s parking lot is the Kinsai Yunoyama (きんさい湯の山, Kinsai yunoyama), a farm-fresh produce delivery market. Locally-produced fresh vegetables, rice, homemade konnyaku jelly and more; there are a variety of seasonal goods available which cannot be found anywhere else.

Furthermore, there is even the Yunoyama Footbath (湯の山の足湯, Yunoyama-no-ashiyu), with "doctor fish." There, you can soak to your heart’s content in the sacred waters of Yunoyama Myojinja.
The facilities are open 24 hours.
There is no designated fee, so all you have to do is place coins into the offering box as you see fit.

As shown from 0:49 in the video, there are weeping cherry trees (枝垂れ桜, Shidare-zakura) both at the entrance of the Yunoyama Onsen as well as inside the shrine.
This sight can be enjoyed throughout the four seasons.

Summary of Hiroshima’s Yunoyama Onsen Morii Ryokan

In Hiroshima, there are many hot spring areas such as Miyahama Onsen (宮浜温泉, Miyahama onsen), Hiroshima Onsen (広島温泉, Hiroshima onsen), Kinoe Onsen (きのえ温泉, Kinoe onsen), Ryu Onsen (龍温泉, Ryu-onsen), Megadaira Onsen (女鹿平温泉, Megadaira onsen), Kimita Onsen (君田温泉, Kimita onsen), Yuki Onsen (湯来温泉, Yurai onsen), Tomo-no-Ura Onsen (鞆の浦温泉, Tomo-no-ura onsen), Nukui Onsen (温井温泉, Nukui onsen), Shobara Sakura Onsen (庄原さくら温泉, Shobara sakura onsen), Miharashi Onsen (みはらし温泉, Miharashi onsen), and more.
When visiting Hiroshima, we recommend taking a bath and relaxing in the hot springs.

Although Yunoyama Onsen is not a ‘fashionable’ place by any means, what it is, is a place with rich history, and springs so amazing that even feudal lords bathed in them.
Enjoy soaking up the simple atmosphere reminiscent of the Showa era, at Yunoyama Onsen.

◆Yunoyama Onsen Morii Ryokan Facilities Overview◆
【Address】〒738-0601 Hiroshima Prefecture, Hiroshima City, Saeki Ward, Yukicho Wada 464
【Access】60 minutes by bus from JR Sanyo Main Line Itsukaichi Station
【Phone Number】0829-83-0403

【Tripadvisor】Yunoyama Onsen Morii Ryokan

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Yunoyama Onsen, Hiroshima: An Onsen Where Even Feudal Lords Have Bathed. Spend a Relaxing Time in the Simple Atmosphere of the Showa Era at the 80-Year-Old Morii Ryokan in Hiroshima
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