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A Beautiful Video Packed With the Charms of Chofu, Tokyo

This video, titled "「Feel Short Ver.」The Promotion Video of Chofu City, Tokyo" (「Feel short ver.」東京都調布市のプロモーション映像 The promotion video of Chofu City, Tokyo), was uploaded by "Chofu City Video Library - ChofuCity" (調布市動画ライブラリーChofuCity). Chofu is conveniently located about 15 minutes by train from Shinjuku, a popular shopping and entertainment district, yet it is known as a city rich in nature. There are many spots where visitors can enjoy natural beauty, such as rows of cherry blossom trees, autumn foliage, and rose gardens. This promotional video is packed with popular attractions and photo spots in Chofu.

Chofu - Rows of Cherry Trees, Dazzling Fireworks, and Many More Attractive Events

Image of cherry blossoms along the Nogawa River, Chofu, Tokyo
Photo:Cherry blossoms along the Nogawa River, Chofu, Tokyo

Chofu has beautiful seasonal scenery and popular events that attract many visitors from both inside and outside the city.
Along both banks of the Nogawa River, which runs from the northwest to the southeast of the city, there is a bicycle path where visitors can see beautiful rows of cherry trees in spring; although cancelled from 2020 to 2022, there is an annual one-night-only event where the cherry trees are lit up at night, creating a magical scene.

The city is also known as "Eiga no Machi Chofu" (映画のまち調布, 'Chofu, the City of Movies'), as there are two major film studios and more than 40 film production companies gathered in Chofu. The Chofu City Fireworks Festival held on the banks of the Tama River is a popular summer event.
[Video] 0:12 - Chofu City Fireworks Festival

Autumn Leaves and a Daruma Market at Jindaiji Temple. Enjoy Sightseeing Around Chofu

Image of cherry blossoms at Jindaiji Temple, Chofu, Tokyo
Photo:Cherry blossoms at Jindaiji Temple, Chofu, Tokyo

The "Yakuyoke Ganzan Daishi Festival" (厄除元三大師大祭) is the biggest event at Jindaiji Temple, and is held on March 3 and 4 every year.
[Video] 0:12 - Scenes from the Yakuyoke Ganzan Daishi Festival

The Jindaiji Temple Daruma Doll Market, held in conjunction with the Daishi Festival, is one of the three major daruma markets in Japan. About 300 Daruma stores, with dolls of all sizes, are displayed in various locations. The Jindaiji Summer Evening Party (深大寺夕涼みの会, Jindaiji Yusuzumi no Kai ) is a summer event where visitors can stroll around Jindaiji Temple in yukata (light cotton kimono), play traditional games, experience zazen (zen meditation), and enjoy a variety of stalls (canceled in 2020 and 2021).
[Video] 0:09 - Jindaiji Summer Evening Party

The famous "Jindaiji Soba" is a popular food in this area with 400-years of history. It's said that the name "Jindaiji Soba" originated when soba noodles made from the rich spring water were served at the temple, and many soba restaurants line the streets around the temple.
In the fall, beautiful autumn leaves can be seen at Jindaiji Temple and the adjacent Jindai Botanical Gardens, and many people come to enjoy the autumn foliage in Tokyo.
[Video] 0:16 - Autumn Foliage at Jindai Botanical Gardens

Enjoy the Beauty of Nature at Jindai Botanical Gardens and Saneatsu Park

Image of a rose garden at Jindai Botanical Gardens, Chofu, Tokyo
Photo:A rose garden at Jindai Botanical Gardens, Chofu, Tokyo

The Rose Garden at the Jindai Botanical Gardens was awarded the World Rose Convention's "Award of Garden Excellence" in 2009. The best time to see the roses is in spring and fall. It is one of the largest botanical parks in Tokyo, covering an area of about 480,000m2. The spacious park is home to 100,000 plants of approximately 4,800 species, allowing visitors to enjoy a variety of plants, trees, and flowers throughout Japan's four seasons.
[Video] 0:06 - The Rose Garden at Jindai Botanical Gardens

Saneatsu Park is a park on the site of Saneatsu Mushanokoji's house. The 5,000m2 park is filled with lush greenery, and carp and wild birds can be viewed in the pond.
[Video] 0:24 - Saneatsu Park

In addition, there's Fudatenjin Shrine, which has the oldest koma-inu (guardian lion-dogs) in Chofu and a 500-year-old sacred tree, and Kokuryo Shrine, which has a large 400~500-year-old wisteria tree. The area offers picturesque views of nature for visitors to enjoy.

Unique Spots for Tours and Hands-on Experiences

At the Chofu Aerospace Center, where JAXA's research and development facilities are located, visitors can tour exhibition rooms in the three zones: aviation, space, and fundamental technology, and experience a simulated flight in a futuristic spaceplane.

Also, at Mayo Terrace, a Kewpie Mayonnaise facility where visitors can enjoy learning about various information and topics related to mayonnaise, and even try making mayonnaise by hand.
There are also a variety of sports-related facilities in the area. The Musashino Forest Sport Plaza, adjacent to Tokyo Stadium, has a gymnasium that can accommodate up to 10,000 people. Top-level competitions, concerts, and other events are held here.

Summary of the Attractions of Chofu, a City Where You Can Also Meet the Characters From GeGeGe no Kitaro

Image of Kitaro Teahouse, Jindaiji Temple, Chofu, Tokyo
Photo:Kitaro Teahouse, Jindaiji Temple, Chofu, Tokyo

Shigeru Mizuki, the creator of "GeGeGe no Kitaro" is an honorary citizen of Chofu. Kitaro's characters can be seen throughout the city and are popular among instagrammers.
Kitaro Square, located between Chofu Station and Nishi-Chofu Station, and the Tenjin-dori shopping street near Chofu Station, known as Kitaro Road, are also lined with monuments of the various characters. In addition, visitors can enjoy the world of "GeGeGe no Kitaro" at the Kitaro Teahouse in front of the Jindaiji Temple gate, where there is a cafe and store.

Chofu is only a 15-minute train ride from Shinjuku, and despite its proximity to the city center, it's rich in nature, making it a comfortable place to live. The city offers a wide variety of sightseeing attractions and unique facilities where you can casually stop by to enjoy the seasonal expressions, tasteful temples and shrines, and characters of GeGeGe no Kitaro that can be seen throughout the city.
The beauty of Chofu, including its atmospheric scenery, events, and various other attractions, can be viewed in this short video. Be sure to check it out!

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Chofu - A City Full of Tourist Attractions - Experience Fireworks, Cherry Blossoms, Rose Gardens and More at a Town in Tokyo Where Japan's Four Seasons Shine!
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