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A Beautiful View of Miyakojima

The video "Okinawa 4K Aerial Footage" ([4K]Okinawa,Miyako Island, Aerial Shoot(宮古島ドローン空撮)), shows a stunning view of Miyakojima in Okinawa Prefecture.

Okinawa is one of the best and most popular resorts in Japan where you can find a lot of amazing sightseeing spots.
In this article, we'll introduce some sightseeing spots, tourist information, and travel tips for the Miyakojima area.

In the video, you see an aerial view of the cobalt blue sea and deep blue sky of Miyakojima.
You're probably thinking “Do places this beautiful really exist in Japan?” Well, let's find out!


Image of Coast
Photo:Miyakojima coast

Miyakojima City is located 300 km southeast of Okinawa's main island, and consists of 6 islands of various sizes: Miyakojima, Irabujima, Ikemajima, Kurumajima, Shimojishima, and Ogamijima.
The population is 52,780 as of June, 2019.

The circumference of Miyakojima is about 100 km, which is longer than it seems, and the total area is 158,93 km with a peak altitude of 119 meters.
You can fly to Miyakojima from Naha or Tokyo Haneda Airport.
If you wish to move around in Miyakojima, local tours or rental cars are a good option

What About That Bridge Shown in the Video? - A Sightseeing Route to Enjoy the View of the Okinawan Sea.

The 3,540-meter long Irabu Bridge, known as the longest bridge in Japan, spans the distance between Miyako Island and Irabu Island.
An exhilarating drive, touring across the bright blue landscape, where the sky and sea intertwine, is an experience you'll remember for a lifetime.

Miyakojima is also connected to Ikemajima by the Ikema-Oohashi bridge and to Kurumajika by the Kuruma-Oohashi bridge. These are also great spots to enjoy the resort's views.
A bridge to a paradise in a cobalt blue sea awaits you!

Enjoying the Sights and Flavors of Miyakojima!

Image of Miyakojima Nishihenna Cape・Wind turbines
Photo:Miyakojima Nishihenna Cape・Wind turbines

If you're looking to take some Instagram pics, be sure to check out Nishihenna Cape or Higashihenna Cape.
If there's any history buffs out there, we recommend stopping by the Miyakojima City Museum.

Some local dishes you'll want to try while you're there are Okinawa Soba and Miyako Soba (Soba: Japanese buckwheat noodles); Original dishes of Miyakojima.
Other local specialties include tropical drinks or Shima Oden (lit. "Island Oden").
Oden is a Japanese hot-pot dish with several ingredients stewed in soy-flavored soup.
There are plenty of places to visit in the city center too, where you can enjoy those delicious tropical drinks and buy souvenirs.

Enjoy the Beautiful Okinawan Sea

Image of sea turtles
Photo:Sea turtles

Okinawa is known to have a warm and mild climate year round.
Various marine activities are available in Miyakojima for you to try as well!
Yabiji is a popular snorkeling spot in Miyakojima.
You can enjoy watching sea turtles swimming in the sea along the beautiful coral reef.

If you wish to go swimming in the sea, Sunayama beach or Yonahamaehama beach is a perfect place to go.
The popular resort activity sea kayaking is also worth trying in Miyakojima.


“Okinawa 4K Aerial Footage” shows a stunning view of Miyakojima.
The scenery shown in the footage can hardly be conveyed in words alone. Be sure to check out the video if you still haven't yet!

This article introduced access, sightseeing spots and popular activities of Miyakojima.
If this article has you interested in Miyakojima be sure to consider it for your next holiday!

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The Sky and the Sea Mingle to Create a Stunning View! Miyakojima in Okinawa Prefecture Is One of the Best Resorts in Japan!
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