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Isshiki Beach in Zushi-Hayama, Kanagawa

This video, titled "Zushi, Hayama [Isshiki Beach] Drone Footage, 4K, Drone, Japan|HAYAMA ZUSHI" (逗子・葉山【一色海水浴場】ドローン空撮 4K Drone Japan HAYAMA ZUSHI), was uploaded by "Drone Man sky creative" (ドローン男子 sky creative).
It introduces Isshiki Beach in the Zushi-Hayama area of Kanagawa Prefecture, located in Japan's Kanto Region, via drone footage.
The video gives a unique view of Isshiki Beach that you wouldn't normally see, that is, from the sky.
We hope you enjoy it!

More About Isshiki Beach in Zushi-Hayama, Kanagawa!

Image of Isshiki Beach, Zushi-Hayama
Photo:Isshiki Beach, Zushi-Hayama

Isshiki Beach is a serene beach measuring 500m long and 30m wide facing Sagami Bay in Hayama, a resort area on the Miura Peninsula in Kanagawa Prefecture.
It's a beautiful beach that extends to the backside of the Hayama Imperial Villa, a villa of the Imperial Family, and was selected as one of the "100 Best Beaches Around the World" by CNN in 2013.

It's also a popular spot for surfing and SUP, and you can see many people enjoying marine activities, water sports, swimming, and sunbathing in the video.
In the vicinity of Isshiki Beach is Arasaki Park, the #1 scenic spot on the Miura Peninsula, where you can get a great view of Mt. Fuji and beautiful sunsets!
Isshiki Beach is a must-visit tourist spot when visiting the Isshiki area.
The beach is easily accessible on a day trip from Tokyo, and is crowded with families swimming and sunbathing on sunny days.

There are rocks on both sides of the beach where visitors can enjoy playing on the rocks.
You can see the rocky beach from 1:42 in the video.
During beach season, lifeguards are stationed at beach houses, so there's no need to worry about safety.
The beach houses are rated highly on review sites for being very stylish and having great atmospheres.
Lunch and showers are available at the beach houses as well.
Unfortunately, the beach has been temporarily closed due to the novel coronavirus, so be sure to check in advance when visiting.

Speaking of beaches and swimming, one of the things you might be wondering about is whether or not barbecues are allowed.
Unfortunately, Isshiki Beach prohibits barbecues within the summer beach area.
That being said, it is possible to have a barbecue a short distance away from the beach, but it is not permitted near residences.

Information on Events and Activities Held at Isshiki Beach

Image of beach yoga
Photo:Beach yoga

A variety of events are held at Isshiki Beach in the Zushi-Hayama area of Kanagawa.
One such event is Feel SHONAN during Beach Yoga Week, where participants can experience authentic, relaxing beach yoga.
Participants say that beach yoga at Isshiki Beach makes them feel like they are one with nature.

In summer, the Hayama Kaigan Fireworks Festival is held, attracting many visitors annually.
The Hayama Kaigan Fireworks Festival is held every year from late July to early August at Morito Beach and the Isshiki Beach Breakwater.
At Isshiki Beach, sea kayaking, a type of canoeing, is a popular activity.
Fishing is also popular, and anglers can catch flatheads and Japanese whiting.

Sightseeing Information and Instagram Photo Tips for Isshiki Beach

Image of Morito Daimyojin Shrine, Hayama, Kanagawa
Photo:Morito Daimyojin Shrine, Hayama, Kanagawa

The Zushi-Hayama area of Kanagawa is home to many tourist attractions.
If you like visiting shrines and learning about the history of places you visit, we recommend checking out Morito Daimyojin, a shrine founded by Minamoto no Yoritomo that's visited by many people each year to pray for successful pregnancy and safe childbirth.

If you're looking to enjoy a Japanese garden or a tea house, there's also Hayama Shiosai Park.
We also recommend Hayama Ajisai Park, where visitors can see 3,000 colorful hydrangeas, and Hayama Sangaokayama Ryokuchi, where visitors can enjoy hiking.
Hayama Marina, where visitors can enjoy cruising around Enoshima and Yujiro Lighthouse, is also popular.

Summary of Isshiki Beach in Zushi-Hayama

In this article, we introduced Isshiki Beach, one of the best beaches in Japan.
The beach is just an hour and a half from Tokyo, and as you can see in the video, it features beautiful cobalt blue waters.
Enjoy a relaxing time at Isshiki Beach in the Zushi-Hayama area of Kanagawa this summer!

◆Isshiki Beach◆
【Address】Isshiki, Hayama, Miura, Kanagawa
【Access】From Zushi Station (JR Yokosuka Line) or Hayama Station (Keihin Kyuko Line), take the Keikyu Bus bound for Kaigan-mawari Hayama, and get off at the Isshiki Kaigan bus stop (20 minutes)
By car, it's about 20 minutes from the Zushi Interchange on the Yokohama–Yokosuka Road via the Zushi Shindo toll booth (逗葉新道料金所).
【Parking】Parking available for 30 cars. Weekdays: 1,500 yen, Weekends: 2,000 yen

【TripAdvisor】Isshiki Beach

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