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COOL JAPAN VIDEOS is always holding photo contests. This time, we have selected photos that capture the majestic Mt. Fuji, located on the border of Yamanashi and Shizuoka prefectures. We'll also introduce the locations where the photos were taken, so be sure to enjoy each one so you don't miss out on some useful information! COOL JAPAN VIDEOS is a social, video curation site that introduces the charms of Japan to people around the world who are interested in Japan. Our photo contests allow you to participate and even win with photos taken via your smartphone! Stick around to learn more!

Let's take a look at some of the wonderful photos taken of Mt. Fuji from the many fantastic works that convey the beauty of Japan.


Photographer: 01ktk15
Location: Mizugatsuka Park (Susono, Shizuoka)

A Place Where You Can Photograph the Aftermath of the Hoei Eruption
Fuji's flanks were blown away by the Hoei Eruption in 1707 during the Edo period (1603-1868 AD), forming the bowl-shaped Hoei Crater. At Mizugatsuka Park, you can photograph the crater in its entirety as it changes from season to season. The crater is located along the Fuji Skyline, near the second station of Mt. Fuji at an elevation of 1,450 meters. You can capture powerful compositions that include the beauty of Mt. Fuji, while reminding you that it's still a mighty volcano.

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Photographer: タケタロ
Location: Lake Yamanaka (Minamitsuru, Yamanashi)

When to See Swans at Lake Yamanaka
Swans can usually be seen at Lake Yamanaka around December and fly back north around March or April. Some species of swans are don't migrate, and instead lay eggs and raise their young in the grassy knolls along the shores of Lake Yamanaka in spring. Mt. Fuji is located to the southwest of Lake Yamanaka. If you're looking to capture the majestic Mt. Fuji with beautiful swans and snowy winter scenery in one photograph, the northern shore of Lake Yamanaka is your best bet.

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Photographer: phantastic420
Location: Obuchi Sasaba (Fuji, Shizuoka)

The Tea Fields of Obuchi Sasaba
Obuchi Sasaba in the Obuchi district of Fuji City is a photo spot where you can capture Mt. Fuji over vast tea fields with no power lines or buildings to obstruct your view. Many photographers come to capture the verdant tea fields with the towering Mt. Fuji in the backdrop. Located about 10 minutes by car from the Tomei-Fuji and Shin-Tomei Shin-Fuji interchanges, the best time to visit is when the tea leaves are sprouting, particularly from mid-April to mid-May.

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Photographer: Yuto Yamada
Location: Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi

Fujiyoshida, a Town With an Amazing View of Mt. Fuji
Fujiyoshida, in Yamanashi prefecture, is the closest town to Mt. Fuji and features spectacular views of the mountain. In particular, at Arakurayama Sengen Park, it's possible to capture Mt. Fuji, cherry blossoms, and the 5-story Chureito Pagoda in one frame. Fuji, cherry blossoms, and the five-story pagoda in the frame. On top of the cherry blossoms in spring, visitors can enjoy the depth and splendor of each season here, including the fresh greenery of summer, the autumn foliage in fall, and the splendid snow landscapes in winter, all of which are sure to delight.

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Photographer: Nguyen Vu
Location: Oshino Hakkai (Minamitsuru, Yamanashi)

The Beautiful Oshino Hakkai
Oshino Hakkai is a sacred spring located at the foot of the natural monument, Mt. Fuji, and is considered a power spot. The pure spring water from Mt. Fuji, a sacred mountain, is said to hold sacred power. This photo conveys the atmosphere and purity of Oshino Hakkai. If you visit Oshino Hakkai, be sure to take a picture, as it will be treasured for a lifetime.

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Photographer: Phúc Jindo
Location: Oshino, Yamanashi

Photographing the Auspicious Aka-Fuji
Aka-Fuji (Red Fuji) has long been a symbol of good luck for warding off evil spirits and bringing prosperity to business. It is a sight that photographers all over Japan hope to see. However, the conditions for photographing Aka-Fuji are very specific. Aka-Fuji can only be seen from the eastern side of the mountain from late summer to early autumn, just after sunrise, and on a clear day after rain. If you're a photographer and up for a challenge, we definitely recommend trying to capture this beautiful sight.

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Photographer: 01ktk15
Location: Daikanzan Observatory (Ashigarashita, Kanagawa)

A Breathtaking View From the Daikanzan Observatory
The name "Daikanzan" (lit. "Large Viewing Mountain") comes from the artist Yokoyama Taikan, who liked to paint Mt. Fuji from the Sky Lounge at the summit of the 1,011-meter-tall mountain. The spectacular view makes for an excellent photo and will take up a special place in your heart. It's especially popular in winter when the air is crisp and clear. Mt. Fuji and Lake Ashinoko covered with snow is guaranteed to result in a dignified work of art.

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Photographer: Phúc Jindo
Location: Kawaguchi Asama Shrine (Minamitsuru, Yamanashi)

Kawaguchi Asama Shrine – A Torii in the Sky
Kawaguchi Asama Shrine was built to worship Mt. Fuji's god, Sengen-O-no-kami, in order to quell a major volcanic eruption of Mt. Fuji. The torii gate is located approximately 30 minutes on foot from the shrine grounds, and the view of Mt. Fuji is beautiful beyond words. It's also called the "Torii in the Sky," and is a recommended spot known for being especially picturesque.

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Photographer: mioka
Location: Fumotoppara Campground (Fujinomiya, Shizuoka)

Mt Fuji From the Fumotoppara Campground
The best part about the Fumotoppara Campground is that you can see Mt. Fuji in its entirety from the summit to the base. It is truly a picturesque view. Located in Fujinomiya, the Asagiri Plateau, known for its foggy appearance, is also in the vicinity. At the Fumotoppara Campground, a place loved by campers, you can experience the outdoors with a magnificent view of Mt. Fuji.

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Photographer: HKP
Location: Takabocchi Highlands (Shiojiri, Nagano)

Mt. Fuji From the Takabocchi Highlands
From the summit of the mountain, which offers a 360-degree view of the Takabocchi Highlands, Lake Suwa, the lights of the city by the lake, and the sea of clouds all add to the main attraction of Mt. Fuji. The area is especially spectacular from autumn, when the air is clear and the night views are spectacular, to the time when the access road is closed for the winter. It's hard to take a better picture than Mt. Fuji and a sea of clouds, early in the morning, before the sun rises and when the sky is tinted orange.

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COOL JAPAN VIDEOS is a social, video curation site that showcases the charms of Japan to people around the world who are interested in Japan.
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Anyone can enter COOL JAPAN VIDEOS' photo contests! Below are some of the features of our contests.
・On top of single-lens reflex cameras and digital cameras, photos taken with smartphones and other devices can also be submitted.
・Each person can submit as many photos as they like during the contest period.
・Editing of images, such as cropping and color changes, is also allowed!

Here you can find all of the past photo contest winners in one place. You can also see the prizes for each contest, as well as the locations where the photos were taken and the judges' critiques.

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The following is information about the current photo contest.

[Ongoing From November 2023] The 20th COOL JAPAN VIDEOS Photo Contest
Theme: The Beauty of Japan
Submission period: November 1, 2023 0:00 AM – December 31 2023 11:59 PM(JST)
Prizes: ■Grand Prize: 30,000 yen Amazon gift card (1 Winner) ■Honorable Mentions: 10,000 yen Amazon gift card (5 Winners)

The Beauty of Japan

Did you enjoy these landscape photos from past photo contest entries? Some of these landscapes can only be seen in specific conditions.
Japan is full of rich nature, historical locations, and seasonal events! Share your photos with the world and help showcase the beauty of Japan through COOL JAPAN VIDEOS!

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Mt. Fuji in COOL JAPAN VIDEOS Photo Contests: 10 Photos Showcasing the Different Views of Mt. Fuji
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