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Sightseeing at "Goshikinuma"

This video is titled"GoshikiNuma - cobalt blue mysterious Fukushima superb view / Fantastic Lake in Fukushima Japan(GoshikiNuma 五色沼 コバルトブルーが神秘的な福島の絶景 Fantastic Lake in Fukushima Japan)" and it is an introductory video of the beautiful cobalt blue lake "Goshikinuma," located on the north side of Mt. Bandai Aizu (津磐梯山,Aizu Bandaisan), Fukushima Prefecture, Tohoku region.

“Urabandai” in Fukushima Prefecture has about 30 small and large lakes and swamps, which are characterized by various shades of green, red, and blue.
It is also called the "Mysterious Lake" because of its beauty, and has received one Michelin Green Guide star.
Please enjoy the scenic beauty of nature during the season when the fresh greenery is at its best.

What Is Goshikinuma Like?

Image of Bentenuma in Goshikinuma
Photo:Bentenuma in Goshikinuma

Goshikinuma consists of Bishamon Marsh (毘沙門沼, Bishamon-numa), Red Marsh (赤沼, Aka-numa), Midoro Marsh (みどろ沼, Midoro-numa), Benten Marsh (弁天沼, Benten-numa), Ruri Marsh (るり沼, Ruri-numa), Blue Marsh (青沼, Ao-numa), and Yagi Marsh (柳沼, Yai-numa), which are introduced at the beginning of the video.
In addition to the cobalt blue lake, the fresh greenery is reflected on the water's surface as shown in the video at 1:56, and the emerald green Ruri Marsh is also beautiful.

There are also swamps that show different colors depending on the season and weather, such as emerald blue, turquoise blue, and pastel blue.
You can rent a rowing boat in Bishamon Marsh, so we recommend that you take your time and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Sightseeing at Goshikinuma

Image of Bishamon-numa

Bandai Asahi National Park (磐梯朝日国立公園内, Bandai Asahi Kokuritsu Koen) in Fukushima Prefecture is a special protected area.
The area around the scenic Goshikinuma in April is a hiking course where you can enjoy cycling. Be sure to choose a sunny day to go on a sightseeing trip.
It's a good idea to walk along the Goshikinuma Nature Exploration Road when the autumn leaves are at their most colorful.

There are gourmet spots where you can enjoy lunch, accommodations such as the Goshikinuma Hotel, campsites, and holiday villages as well.
Make sure to book accommodations and tours, to travel around at and enjoy the surrounding sights.

Sightseeing Spots Around Goshikinuma

Image of Hibara Lake
Photo:Hibara Lake

When you come to Goshikinuma for sightseeing, you should definitely check out the nearby sightseeing spots.

Recommendations include Mount Bandai's largest lake "Hibara Lake," which is located in the center of the plateau, "Urabandai Roadside Station" for local gourmet and sweets, the drive course "Bandai Azuma Lake line," and "West Azuma Sky Valley" overlooking the superb view.

Goshikinuma Sightseeing Video Summary

Goshikinuma in Fukushima Prefecture is a hidden sightseeing spot with a beautiful cobalt-blue lake surface.
We hope the beauty was conveyed through the video.

The sparkling lake is so attractive that you won't get tired of looking at it even if you spent the rest of your life doing so.
If you are going on a sightseeing trip to Goshikinuma in Fukushima Prefecture, please enjoy the miraculous scenery, created by nature, to your heart's content.

◆Goshikinuma Lakes and Marshes Overview◆
【Address】〒966-0401 Kita-Shiobara-mura, Yama-gun, Fukushima
【Access】25 minutes by bus from Inawashiro Station on the Banetsu West Line
【Parking】 Available
【Telephone No】0241-32-2850


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This Place Screams Instagram! The Cobalt Blue Waters of Fukushima’s “Goshikinuma” are out of This World!
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