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Ryuogabuchi Pond – A Photographer's Dream

Do you know of the mysterious pond deep in the mountains of Nara Prefecture?
This time, we'll introduce the video "【日本の絶景】新緑の龍王ヶ淵 Ryuogabuchi Superb view of Nara Japan 4K," uploaded by "SOTOBURA."

Ryuogabuchi Pond is a famous location for photography in Uda City, Nara Prefecture, thanks to its beautiful reflective water surface.
The crystal-clear pond is also a popular spot for photographers as the surrounding mountains reflect off the water's surface like a mirror.
It's also famous as an "instagrammable" location in Japan.
And with that, let's dive into the video of Ryuogabuchi Pond!

A Closer Look at Ryuogabuchi!

Image of Ryuogabuchi Pond, Nara Prefecture
Photo:Ryuogabuchi Pond, Nara Prefecture

Ryuogabuchi is located on the hillside of Mt. Nukai, a small mountain in Yamato Fuji, and the water flowing from the approximately 530m tall mountain is crystal clear, creating a mysterious pond.
At 1:08 in the video, you can see the mysterious reflection of the trees of Mt. Nukai on the surface of the pond.

The pond is 150 meters across from east to west and 100 meters across from north to south, making it a popular walking course.
Some parts of the trail can be marshy and sometimes wet, so be sure to wear some comfortable sneakers.
The nearby Horikoshi Shrine worships Toyotama-hime, who appears in the folk tale Urashima Taro.

The video shows the quiet surface of the pond, but there are a lot of tourists on holidays, so we recommend visiting on a weekday to avoid the crowds and enjoy a quiet view of the pond.

The Best Time to Visit Ryuogabuchi Pond

Image of starry skies at Ryuogabuchi Pond, Nara Prefecture
Photo:Starry skies at Ryuogabuchi Pond, Nara Prefecture

Ryuogabuchi is an amazing place to visit in the summer when the leaves are fresh and green, and in the fall when the leaves change to beautiful shades of red and orange.
You can also enjoy breathtaking snowy scenery during the winter months.
That being said, if you're driving in winter, you'll need to be prepared with snow tires.
On a clear, windless day, the lake does not stir, and the surrounding scenery is said to reflect beautifully off of its surface.

Because it is located deep in the mountains, you'll be able to see the stars on clear nights as well.
Fishing is prohibited at Ryuogabuchi Pond, as it's considered a place of faith.

Sightseeing Around Ryuogabuchi Pond

Image of Murouji Temple, Nara Prefecture
Photo:Murouji Temple, Nara Prefecture

There are many tourist attractions, including temples, around Ryuogabuchi in Nara Prefecture.
In particular, nearby you'll find Murouji Temple and Onoji Temple, for which the nearest station, Muroguchi-Ono Station, is named.
Approximately 100 mikumari cherry trees line the banks of the Hono River and they're lit up, making it a popular cherry blossom spot in the city.
Ryuogabuchi is only 10 minutes away from the Hari Interchange on the Meihan National Highway (名阪国道針IC), so it's a good place to visit by car.
Parking is also available, so you can visit easily.

Summary of the Ryuogabuchi Area

Image of Ryuogabuchi Pond, Nara Prefecture
Photo:Ryuogabuchi Pond, Nara Prefecture

Check out the video of Ryuogabuchi and be soothed by the clear blue skies and tranquil pond.
If you're looking to relax and get away from work, be sure to visit Ryuogabuchi.
You can also enjoy listening to the playful sounds of fish and frogs jumping in the pond.
Just walking around the promenade while taking in the natural scenery is sure to make you feel at peace.


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Nara Prefecture's Beautiful Ryuogabuchi Pond Is a Great Place for Taking Instagram Photos! Check Out the Video To See Its Beauty for Yourself!
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