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Fukaya Green Park: Video Introduction

This video, titled "Garden Species and Wild Species of Lilies, Both Are in Full Bloom at the Suburbs Tokyo," was uploaded by "Japan BackpackersXpress." This video introduces the colorful lilies blooming beautifully at Fukaya Green Park in summer, as well as wild lilies at the Sugaya-yakata Ruins and Sayama Inariyama Park. Be sure to give the video a watch to see the lovely lilies!

More About Fukaya Green Park

Fukaya Green Park, located in Fukaya, Saitama, opened in July 1996 as a project subsidized by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. It is a complex facility with a swimming pool corner, flower and greenery corner, and a fitness corner.
The Aqua Paradise Patio, one of the largest indoor amusement pools in Japan's northern Kanto region, is popular with children and adults alike.

In addition, at the flower and greenery corner in Fukaya Green Park, visitors can experience the beautiful flowers of Japan's various seasons, with tulips in spring, lilies in summer, and cosmos all over the park in autumn.

Various flower-related events are held at the park each month. For example, visitors can try their hand at flower arrangement using seasonal flowers through the seasonal flower lessons. In the past, visitors have also had the opportunity to try their hand at planting lily bulbs. The "Flower Concert" are held on the patio surrounded by flowers and greenery as well.

It's possible to participate in the events by making reservations via the official website (Japanese only).

The Best Time to See Garden Lilies at Fukaya Green Park

Fukaya City is one of the top producers of cut lilies. Fukaya Green Park, a must-see attraction for flower lovers, also grows Fukaya lilies, a local variety.

The lilies in Fukaya Green Park are at their best from mid to late July. The video was shot on July 24, 2021, during the aforementioned period.

Lily varieties include Cayenne, Hinault, Cesare, and Lexington, and they are planted by volunteers in mid-May. The lilies, which are at their best during the hot summer months, come in a variety of colors, including red, orange, yellow, pink, and white!

About 20,000 lilies bloom in a variety of colors in the park, delighting visitors. The lilies blooming all over the area make it popular with Instagrammers and photographers.
[Video] 3:13 - Colorful Lilies Blooming at Fukaya Green Park

Seasonal Flowers at Fukaya Green Park

At Fukaya Green Park, you can see flowers blooming in every season. Here are some of the flowers you can expect to see. You can check the blooming status via a calendar on the official website. If there is a flower you're looking for, be sure to look it up before visiting the park.

・Flowers in Bloom in Spring
Cherry blossoms, tulips, dogwood, roses

・Flowers in Bloom in Summer
Crape myrtles, sunflowers, lilies

・Flowers in Bloom in Autumn

・Flowers in Bloom in Winter
Pansies, violas

The Best Time to See Wild Lilies at Fukaya Green Park

Image of lilies

There are approximately 100 species of lilies in the world. In Japan, there are 15 species of true lilies, including mountain lilies, sasa-yuri, showy lilies, maiden lilies, and easter lilies.

The sight of wild lilies blooming in the fields and mountains is so dignified and beautiful that you can't help but stop to admire them.

In Saitama, Japan, various wild species of lilies can be found growing in the wild. The video shows wild lilies at Sayama Inariyama Park and the Sugaya-yakata Ruins. Here are some characteristics of the flowers that appear in the video.

・Mountain Lilies
Mountain lilies are a native Japanese lily, distributed in Japan's Kinki region and northward. The plant is 1 to 1.5 meters tall and is characterized by its whitish petals.

・Tiger Lilies
Tiger lilies grow wild, not only in Japan, but also in Guam and China. In Japan, it's distributed throughout the country, from Kyushu in southern Japan to Hokkaido in the north. The flower grows to 1-2 m tall, and has orange-colored petals.

Summary of Lilies at Fukaya Green Park

Fukaya Green Park is a popular tourist spot with a swimming pool area as well as various amusements, such as the Green Park area. Since visitors can bring their dogs to the park, it's a nice place for people living in the neighborhood to relax.

The park also has space to eat and enjoy picnics. The indoor pool, Aqua Paradise Patio, is also popular with families. However, there are admission restrictions if the park is crowded.

Visitors can enjoy seasonal flowers at the Green Park corner. In summer, colorful lilies can be seen in full bloom.

Even a single flower has a strong presence, and the view of 20,000 lilies makes it a very photogenic spot and great for Instagram. The spectacular view is made possible by the planting of the lilies by volunteers.

While the colorful lilies blooming in the park are beautiful and moving, they wild lilies blooming around Saitama are also a sight to behold!

◆Fukaya Green Park - Aqua Paradise Patio◆
【Address】763 Kashiai, Fukaya, Saitama 366-0816
【Hours】10 AM – 9 PM ※Open from 9:00 AM during the summer season (July 20 - August 31)
【Closures】Every Tuesdays ※The park will remain open during the summer vacation period.
【Admission Fee】General Admission: Individual use: General 2,000 yen; Elementary and junior high school students 2,000 yen
【Parking】Available (Free)
Car: Approximately 15 minutes from the Hanazono Interchange on the Kan'etsu Expressway toward Fukaya Station
Public Transportation: A free shuttle bus service is available from the south exit of Fukaya Station

【TripAdvisor】Aqua Paradise Patio

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Beautifully Blooming Lilies at Fukaya Green Park! Explore the Wonderful Park in Saitama, Japan via Video
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