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COOL JAPAN VIDEOS is always holding photo contests. This time, we have selected photos of Tokyo from among the many photos submitted to our past photo contests. In addition to the famous city of Tokyo and tourist spots that everyone has heard of, we'll also introduce photos of spectacular natural scenery that you'd never expect to find in Tokyo. COOL JAPAN VIDEOS is a social, video curation site that introduces the charms of Japan to people around the world who are interested in Japan. Our photo contests allow you to participate and even win with photos taken via your smartphone! Stick around to learn more!

We have selected some of the best photos of Tokyo, the capital of Japan, from among the many wonderful entries that convey the charms of Japan. We'll also introduce some popular photo spots as well!


Photographer: moekyun
Location: Tokyo Disney Sea (Urayasu, Chiba)

The Charms of Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta
The biggest attraction of Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta is that it is the only hotel integrated with the parks at Tokyo Disney Resort. Inside the classic Italian-style hotel, every corner is decorated with Disney themes, allowing guests to enjoy the atmosphere of the dreamland while staying at the hotel. The hotel has been attracting Disney fans for approximately 20 years since its opening, and even today, reservations are difficult to secure.

A Video Article About Tokyo Disneyland's Official Hotel


Photographer: jaco
Location: Omoide Yokocho (Shinjuku, Tokyo)

Omoide Yokocho, a Popular Tourist Attraction
Shinjuku Nishiguchi Shopping Street is also known as "Omoide Yokocho" (Memory Lane). Omoide Yokocho is a culinary spot in the Shinjuku Nishiguchi area, where all sorts of bars and eateries are packed into small alleyways. The charm of this area is that you can enjoy delicious food and drinks at reasonable prices in a nostalgic atmosphere. It is also the unfortunate nickname of "Shoben Yokocho" (Piss Alley) because there used to be no toilets in the alley... Nevertheless, the Showa-retro atmosphere, reminiscent of Japan's Showa Period, is very popular among foreign tourists to Japan.

A Video Article About Kabukicho in Shinjuku, Tokyo


Photographer: 渡邉亮
Location: Ginza at Night (Chuo, Tokyo)

Ginza, a Popular Tourist Attraction
While Ginza is known as a sophisticated district lined with brand-name stores, it also offers a sense of Japanese history and tradition, with places like Kabuki-za Theater and Mitsukoshi Department Store. Ginza is a popular tourist attraction in Tokyo where visitors can enjoy the old and the new of Japan at the same time. On holidays, the main avenue becomes a pedestrian paradise, allowing visitors to enjoy shopping, eating, and drinking in a relaxed atmosphere.

A Video Article About the Pedestrian Paradise in Chuo, Tokyo


Photographer: Mom Diamond
Location: Tokyo Station at night (Chiyoda, Tokyo)

Highlights of Tokyo Station, a Popular Tourist Attraction
Tokyo Station is home to many spectacular retro buildings that evoke a sense of history, including the beautiful brick Tokyo Station Marunouchi Station Building. The beauty of these buildings stands out amongst the stylish modern buildings, as if time has stopped there. When traveling around Tokyo, be sure to stop by and take pictures of the photogenic buildings that have been a part of Tokyo's history for centuries.

A Video Article Showing Aerial Views of Tokyo and Kanagawa at Night


Photographer: 山本 こころ
Location: Tulips at Showa Kinen Park (Tachikawa, Tokyo)

Highlights of Showa Kinen Park, a Popular Tourist Attraction
At Showa Kinen Park in Tachikawa, Tokyo, the autumn foliage is at its best from late October to late November, and a festival celebrating the autumn leaves takes place at the same time. Highlights of the festival include the 300-meter-long golden tunnel of Ginkgo Tress, and the beautiful autumn leaves in the Japanese Garden decorated with different varieties of maples around a large pond. In the evening, the garden is illuminated as well.

A Video Article About Show Kinen Park, a Popular Tourist Attraction


Photographer: CHU_PON
Location: Kozushima Island (Tokyo Islands)

Highlights of Kozushima Island, a Popular Tourist Attraction
Kozushima Island, known as a mysterious island among the seven Izu islands, is famous for its beautiful scenery and clean spring water, so much so that it has been selected as one of the Top 57 Famous Spring Waters of Tokyo, one of the One Hundred Famous Mountains of Flowers, and one of the 100 Views of New Tokyo. Visitors can enjoy trekking and swimming amidst overwhelmingly beautiful nature. Take a ferry for a 12-hour ride from Tokyo and revitalize your body and soul in the great outdoors.

A Video Article About Izu Islands' Niijima


Photographer: KEN.T
Location: Ginkgo Trees Around Hikarigaoka Station (Nerima, Tokyo)

Highlights of Hikarigaoka Park, a Popular Tourist Attraction
Hikarigaoka Park, the largest park in Tokyo's Nerima Ward, is an urban park with a day campsite, barbecue area, bird sanctuary, archery range, pond, swimming pool, and a children's plaza. Children and adults alike can enjoy a variety of outdoor sports and activities here. The ginkgo trees that create a golden tunnel in autumn and the autumn leaves around the park are just some of the highlights to be found in the park.

A Video Article on Hikarigaoka Park, a Place to View Autumn Leaves in Tokyo


Photographer: naomi
Location: Tokyo Skytree (Sumida, Tokyo)

Highlights of Tokyo Skytree, a Popular Tourist Attraction
Tokyo Sky Tree is the world's tallest radio tower at 634 meters and was built in 2012 as a new symbol of Japan. Its appearance changes every day, and it's also lit up specially for seasonal and special events. The night view of Tokyo from the observatory, the tallest in Japan, is breathtaking! The panoramic night view of the Tokyo metropolis seen from the observation deck at 450 meters in the air, the highest point in the tower, is truly remarkable.

A Video Article About Asakusa, Tokyo


Photographer: koichi hakuchuu
Location: Tokyo Tower (Minato, Tokyo)

Highlights of Tokyo Tower, a Popular Tourist Attraction
Tokyo Tower, with its elegant and captivating design, continues to be loved by the public as a symbol of Tokyo. At night, the tower is brilliantly illuminated, giving it a different and more beautiful appearance than in the daytime. When viewed from close up, the illumination of Tokyo Tower gives a sense of power, and when viewed from afar, the night view of Tokyo gives a more sophisticated impression. The tower is in an attractive spot where you can enjoy various views depending on your vantage point.

A Video Article About Tokyo Tower


Photographer: KEN.T
Location: An Illuminated Higo-Hosokawa Garden (Bunkyo, Tokyo)

Highlights of Higo-Hosokawa Garden, a Popular Tourist Attraction
Higo-Hosokawa Garden, located in Mejirodai in Tokyo's Bunkyo Ward, is a strolling pond garden that visitors can appreciate as they walk around the central pond. Boasting an area more than 1.4 times the size of Tokyo Dome, this beautiful garden, which retains the atmosphere of the Edo period, offers beautiful seasonal views, including plum blossoms in the spring and illuminated autumn leaves in the fall. The garden is used not only for sightseeing and walks, but also for pre-wedding photo shoots.

A Video Article About Popular Places to View the Autumn Leaves in Tokyo

COOL JAPAN VIDEOS is a social, video curation site that showcases the charms of Japan to people around the world who are interested in Japan.
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Anyone can enter COOL JAPAN VIDEOS' photo contests! Below are some of the features of our contests.
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・Editing of images, such as cropping and color changes, is also allowed!

Here you can find all of the past photo contest winners in one place. You can also see the prizes for each contest, as well as the locations where the photos were taken and the judges' critiques.

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The following is information about the current photo contest.

[Ongoing From March2024] The 22th COOL JAPAN VIDEOS Photo Contest
Theme: Spring in Japan
Submission period: March 1, 2024 12:00 AM – April 30, 2024 11:59 PM (JST)
Prizes: ■Grand Prize: 30,000 yen Amazon gift card (1 Winner) ■Honorable Mentions: 10,000 yen Amazon gift card (5 Winners)

Spring in Japan

Did you enjoy these landscape photos from past photo contest entries? Some of these landscapes can only be seen in specific conditions.
Japan is full of rich nature, historical locations, and seasonal events! Share your photos with the world and help showcase the beauty of Japan through COOL JAPAN VIDEOS!

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