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Showa Kinen Park - A Breathtaking Park on the Outskirts of Tokyo, Harboring Gracefully Falling Cherry Blossoms and Vibrant Tulips in the Spring!

The video “[4K] fluttering cherry blossoms and tulips, Showa Kinen Park -Cherry Blossoms and Tulips-([4K]桜吹雪とチューリップ 昭和記念公園 - Cherry Blossoms and Tulip -)” made by “AQUA Geo Graphic” showcases falling cherry blossoms and tulips of Showa Kinen Park during spring.

The beautiful 4K photos look like a painting. Enjoy the colorful scenery of pink cherry blossoms, and red, yellow, and purple tulips that fill your screen.

About Showa Kinen Park

Image of Showa Kinen Park
Photo:Image of Showa Kinen Park

Showa Kinen Park is located between Tachikawa city and Akishima city of Tokyo in the Kanto region. The former U.S. Tachikawa military base was remodeled into the park to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Emperor Showa.

There are many different facilities as well!
Currently, there is the Rainbow pool, Children’s forest, Japanese Garden, The National Museum of Bonsai, an open Field and more. The park itself is a little over 450 square acres and is a place of recreation and relaxation for many people during the weekend and even throughout the work week.

The 4 Seasons of Showa Kinen Park

Image of Showa Kinen Park's Tulips
Photo:Showa Kinen Park Tulips

Due to Showa Kinen Park's myriad of flower species such as tulips and cherry blossoms, visitors can feel all four seasons regardless of the weather. As shown in the video, Showa Kinen Park is the most colorful in spring, with blooming tulips and cherry blossoms.

The beauty of its colorful red, white, yellow, blue and purple tulips in full bloom are sure to leave you speechless. You can see it from the start of the video to about 0:37 seconds in.
Cherry trees and tulips in the park bloom at the same time. The cherry blossoms falling onto the tulip garden, makes for some of the most beautiful scenery you can find.
You can see this at 0:28 seconds into the video.

What is the best time to see cherry blossoms and tulips in Showa Memorial Park?

There are about 1,500 cherry trees including the awesome Yoshino cherryand other cherry blossoms bloom, and the number of cherry blossoms is about 1,500.
It is one of the best cherry blossom attractions in Tokyo during the full bloom season.

The cherry blossom viewing season is usually from late March to early April.2023 was in full bloom around the end of March earlier than usual.On the website of Showa Memorial Park, the blooming status is sent from time to time, so if you plan to go see the cherry blossoms in 2024, please check them out in advance.

Events at Showa Kinen Park

Image of Illuminated Christmas lights at Showa Kinen Park
Photo:Illuminated Christmas lights at Showa Kinen Park

In addition to the tulips and fluttering cherry blossoms at Showa Kinen Park, there are other many other recommendations as well.
In early spring, rape flowers and Japanese yellow roses are in full bloom. In autumn, foliage, ginkgoes and cosmos are in bloom.
In the winter, we recommend seeing the daffodils as well as the Japanese Garden.
Also, in winter months, there is an illumination that lights up the nearby streams.

There are playgrounds, cafeterias, Dog Run in the park. You can also take great pictures of your sightseeing, or romantic pictures of your date and upload them to Instagram as well.
Showa Kinen Park has many events and locations to visit all year round.
For example, many people visit Showa Kinen Park for its Barbecue Garden in the spring and pool during summer.
There are periodic events such as “Niku Fes” or the Meat festival as well.
In recent years, Showa Kinen Park has held a qualifying race for the Hakone relay race that takes place on New Years.

Summary of Showa Kinen Park

This time, we have introduced to you the tulips and fluttering cherry blossoms of Showa Kinen Park.
There is also a parking lot that is easily accessed, and is only a 2 to 3 minute walk from the nearest station, Nishi Tachikawa Station on JR Oume line.
It is also a government run location so the admission fee is reasonable which makes it a popular spot among families with children.

We hope you were able to fully enjoy spring at Showa Kinen Park through this video.
We hope you decide to visit in the future!

◆Showa Kinen Park Information◆
【Address】3173 Midoricho Tachikawa city Tokyo 190-0014
【Access】About a 15 minutes walk from Tachikawa Station through the JR Chuo line, or a 2 minutes’ walk from Nishitachikawa Station through the JR Oume line
【Entrance fee】Adults 450 yen (as of January in 2020)
【Operating Hours】9:30 to 17:00
【Telephone No】042-528-1751

【Official Website】 Showa Kinen Park Official Website | A national park representative of Japan, a city oasis full of “flowers” and ”green” events.

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Gorgeous Scenery and Only 30 Minutes Away From the Center of Tokyo!  Beautiful, Fluttering Cherry Blossoms, and Colorful Tulips in Tachikawa's Showa Kinen Park!
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