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Cherry Blossoms, Rape Blossoms, and Blue Skies at Gongendo Park in Beautiful 8k!

This video, titled "8K - Gongendo Park - Saitama - 権現堂堤," was released by "TokyoStreetView - Japan The Beautiful."
The video shows the contrast between the pink of the cherry blossoms and the yellow of the rape blossoms in 8K video.
With the addition of the clear blue skies, you can enjoy a beautiful tri-color cherry blossom viewing experience!

Gongendo Park, located in Satte, Saitama Prefecture (埼玉県幸手市, Saitama-ken Satte-shi) in Japan's Kanto region, is one of the most popular and Instagram-worthy cherry blossom viewing spots in Japan's Kanto region.
According to documents from the late Edo Period (~1750-1860 A.D.), the name of Gongendo Park comes from the fact that there were three "Gongen" in the village.

Located within Gongendo Park in Uchigouma, Satte, Saitama Prefecture, a field of rape blossoms spreads out beneath a 1km long embankment of blooming cherry blossoms.

The Satte Cherry Blossom Festival at Gongendo Park, Satte, Saitama Prefecture - One of the Best Cherry Blossom Viewing Spots in Japan’s Kanto Region!

Image of Gongendo Park, Saitama Prefecture
Photo:Gongendo Park, Saitama Prefecture

At Gonjendo Tsutsumi in Kote City, Saitama Prefecture, Kote Sakura Festival is usually held during the cherry blossom season from late March to early April.The schedule for 2024 is from March 20 to April 7.
You can view the cherry blossoms in full bloom from the beginning of the video.
During the Satte Cherry Blossom Festival, there are around 100 booths, as well as marathon races, haiku contests, and many other fun events.

The rows of cherry blossoms and Sotono Bridge over the Nakagawa River are lit up beautifully at night.
As a famous place for all-day cherry blossom viewing, it attracts local, domestic, and even foreign tourists.
The scenery of the cherry blossom tunnel made up of approximately 1,000 Someiyoshino cherry trees, coupled with the field of rape blossoms is highly regarded, and has been selected as one of the "Top 100 Hometown Prides of Saitama for the 21st Century."

The prefectural park where Gongendo Park is located has a large parking lot, so if you're planning on coming by car you can rest assured there will more than likely be parking available.
During the Satte Cherry Blossom Festival, there is a fee for parking, so coming via public transportation is also fine.
If you don't like crowds and want to enjoy the cherry blossoms at your own pace, we recommend checking out the Nakagawa Miyuki Observation Live Cameras.
Information on bloom conditions is also available on the Gongendo Park official website, so be sure to check it out.

There's More Than Cherry Blossoms! Gongendo Park Is a Famous Place in Satte, Saitama Prefecture, with Flowers That Bloom All Year Round!

Image of hydrangeas

Gongendo Park is famous for its cherry blossoms, but it's like a completely new wonderland of flowers in every season.
After the cherry blossom and rape blossom seasons introduced in the video, the hydrangeas are quick to follow!
Around 15,000 hydrangeas of 100 different varieties bring life to Gongendo Park, making them the main attraction during the rainy season.
On the last day of the Satte Hydrangea Festival, pruned hydrangeas are given away to visitors as gifts.

In the fall, millions of red spider lilies begin to bloom.
The "Red Spider Lily Festival" is also held here.
In 2014, there were around 1 million red spider lilies, but now there are approximately 5 million!
In winter, there's a Daffodil Festival at Gongendo Park as well.
In 2020 there were sunflowers planted in the rape blossom fields and it became a widely talked about event.

Gongendo Park is also very popular with the media!
In 2007, Gongendo Park won the Flower Tourism Award in the "Flower Tourism Development Awards" (花の観光地づくり大賞, Hana no kankouchi-zukuri Taisho) sponsored by the Japan Tourism Association.

The Secrets of Gongendo Park in Satte City, Saitama Prefecture! A Tidbit on Gongendo’s Hidden Gem!

Image of goats at Gongendo Park, Saitama Prefecture
Photo:Goats at Gongendo Park, Saitama Prefecture

Flowers are not the only attraction of Gongendo Park.
Gongendo Park was developed to be a "recreational center and a place to enjoy playing in water," and is made up of four different zones.

In addition to the Satte Gongendo Cherry Blossom Embankment (幸手権現堂堤) (Park No. 4), which is famous for its cherry blossoms and beautiful waterfront, there's also the Multipurpose Athletic Grounds (多目的運動広場) (Park No. 1) with a full range of playground equipment, and Gongendo Park (権現堂公園) (Park No. 3), which is a popular place for relaxation and enjoying a beautiful field of grass and nature.
There's also a goat pen somewhere in these three parks, so keep your eyes peeled for it!
After relaxing with the playful goats, we recommend taking a break at "Toge-no-Chaya," a teahouse located in the center of the Gongendo Park.
Their homemade bread is a hit!

Gongendo Park Is Full of Attractions, but as You Might Expect, the Cherry Blossoms Are the Main Event! Summary of Gongendo Park

Image of Cherry blossoms at Gongendo Park, Saitama Prefecture
Photo:Cherry blossoms at Gongendo Park, Saitama Prefecture

Gongendo Park shows a different face in each season, with each having its own unique charm.
All of the flowers at Gongendo Park are beautiful, but the contrast between the cherry blossoms and rape blossoms is truly something else.
In the Meiji Period (1868-1912 A.D.), there were around 3,000 cherry trees in the area, but during the war years they were cut down to be used for fuel.
Enjoy the peace of spring as you view the beautiful cherry blossoms in full bloom in the video!

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The Beautiful Cherry Blossoms and Rape Blossoms at Gongendo Park in Saitama Prefecture! The Pink Tunnel of 1,000 Cherry Blossoms Extending Nearly a Kilometer Is a Sight To Behold!
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