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Akita - One of the Most Famous Cherry Blossom Sites in the World

This video, titled "KAKUNODATE|A Famous Cherry Blossom Spot in Tohoku|Bukeyashiki Street and Hinokinai River Bank, Akita|4K UHD Cherry Blossoms, Akita Tohoku Japan" (KAKUNODATE 東北の桜名所 秋田・角館武家屋敷通りと桧木内川堤の桜並木 4K UHD Cherry Blossoms, Akita Tohoku Japan), was uploaded by "Japan Videography."

Cherry blossoms are now a popular flower all over the world, but many of them were selectively bred in Japan and have been designated as protected species.
The Yoshino Cherry, which came to be in the Edo period (1603 to 1868) is exported the most around the world and many people enjoy viewing it during the blooming season because of its beauty.

Japan is said to be a mecca for cherry blossom fans around the world, which means that Japan's cherry blossom viewing spots are some of the best in the world.
This is a 4K video showing Yoshino Cherry trees along Kakunodate's Bukeyashiki (武家屋敷, Samurai Residence) Street and the Hinokinai River in Akita Prefecture, which are said to have the most beautiful rows of weeping cherry trees in Japan.
Enjoy the beautiful footage of the entire area dyed pink.

The History of Bukeyashiki Street in Kakunodate

As you can see from 0:39 in the video, Bukeyashiki Street in Kakunodate is a sightseeing destination in Semboku, Akita.
The samurai residences of the Edo Period stand side by side in a 2 km radius, and in the spring, beautiful weeping cherries on the stylish black fences, decorate the street.

Bukeyashiki Street in Kakunodate is called "the Little Kyoto of Michinoku" and every year during the cherry blossom season, many tourists from both Japan and abroad come to enjoy the contrast between the gorgeous weeping cherries and solemn samurai residences.
Kakunodate is a historical castle town that has thrived since the Edo period.
Akita was ruled by the Satake clan, and the Kakunodate of today is the domain of Satake Yoshichika who was the first deputy of the Satake Clan of Kakunodate, and his birthplace still retains its former appearance.

The history of Kakunodate as a cherry blossom site began when the feudal lord of the Satake domain who loved cherry blossoms brought in a weeping cherry from Kyoto and planted in his garden.
Now, there are approximately 400 cherry blossoms stretching from Bukeyashiki Street in Kakunodate to Hinokinai River.
It has also been selected as one of the top 100 cherry blossom sites in Japan.

You can see weeping cherries filling Bukeyashiki Street from 1:26 in the video.

The Yoshino Cherries Along Akita's Hinokinai Riverbank

The Hinokinai Riverbank, shown from 3:04 in the video, is a bank built along the Hinokinai River, that runs behind Bukeyashiki Street.
Unlike the weeping cherries on Bukeyashiki Street, the ones planted here are Yoshino Cherries.

The Yoshino Cherries on the banks of Hinokinai River were first planted in 1934 to commemorate the birth of the Emperor.
Why not visit to enjoy the beautiful cherry blossoms and experience the history of Japan?

Festivals in Kakunodate

Image of a cherry blossom tunnel, Akita Prefecture
Photo:Cherry blossom tunnel, Akita Prefecture

A Cherry blossom festival is held in Kakunodate every year during the bloom.
You can enjoy a lot of fun activities, such as cherry blossom viewing, fishing for sweetfish, the local specialty "Hinai Jidori" Oyakodon, "Inaniwa Udon," beautiful Japanese sweets, the Kakunodate Birch Textile Museum, passing through a cherry blossom tunnel via rickshaw, and viewing illuminated cherry blossom at night.

There are shops where you can rent kimono as well.
Exploring the historical streets of Kakunodate while donning a kimono is sure to make your trip memorable!

Summary of Kakunodate

The cherry blossoms along Bukeyashiki Street in Kakunodate and Hinokinai River in Akita have been designated a National Site of Scenic Beauty.
Akita is located in the northwestern part of Honshu, so the cherry blossoms bloom later than the Kanto region.

There is a live camera on Bukeyashiki Street, so you can check out what the bloom is like on the website.
Bukeyashiki Street is about a 20-minute walk from JR Kakunodate Station.
Check the website for information on nearby sightseeing spots and parking.

【Official Website】Live Camera

【Tripadvisor】Hinokinai River

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Truly Breathtaking! Bukeyashiki Street in Kakunodate and Hinokinai River Are Two of the Most Famous Cherry Blossom Sites in the World! Enjoy the Sight of This Historical Village in Akita Prefecture Dyed Pink by Cherry Blossoms!
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