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Tulips at Hitachi Seaside Park: Video Introduction

This video, titled "[4K Ultra HD] Tulip Garden in Hitachi Seaside Park" ([ 4K Ultra HD ] ひたち海浜公園のチューリップ - Tulip Garden in Hitachi Seaside Park -), was uploaded by "AQUA Geo Graphic."

Hitachi Seaside Park (国営ひたち海兵公園, kokuei hitachi kaihei koen)—located in Hitachinaka, Ibaraki, in Japan's Kanto region—is known for its nemophila (baby blue eyes) flowers which grow there in the spring. Miharashi Hill (みはらしの丘, miharashi no oka) is the park's most famous attraction, but, blooming during almost exactly the same period, the colorful Tulip Garden is also an impressive sight! Check out the video to see the colorful tulips that decorate the garden.
[Video] 0:01 - The Tulip Garden at Hitachi Seaside Park

Hitachi Seaside Park's Iconic Spring Flower: Nemophila

Image of Hitachi Seaside Park, Ibaraki
Photo:Hitachi Seaside Park, Ibaraki

Located on the Pacific coast of Hitachinaka in Ibaraki Prefecture, Hitachi Seaside Park is a city park that makes the most of its surroundings, which include dunes, grasslands, and springs.

The huge 530-acre park is split into seven areas. In addition to the flower gardens, which remain gorgeous throughout the four seasons, the park has a wide range of leisure facilities that can be enjoyed outdoors, including an adventure playground where kids can play.

Hitachi Seaside Park's biggest attraction is the flowers that bloom throughout each season, of which the nemophila are by far the most prominent. Approximately 5.3 million blue nemophila can be seen blooming across Miharashi Hill.

On a clear day, it can feel as if you've stumbled into a world of fantasy as the blue sky stretches down to meet the overwhelming scene of millions of baby blue eyes. This scenery was so beautiful it became famous and Hitachi Seaside Park turned into a popular tourist destination amongst Instagrammers for its photogenic views.

Tulips at Hitachi Seaside Park + When to Visit & More!

Image of tulips at Hitachi Seaside Park, Hitachinaka, Ibaraki
Photo:Tulips at Hitachi Seaside Park, Hitachinaka, Ibaraki

From mid to late April—almost the same time as Hitachi Seaside Park's famous hill of nemophila is in full bloom—the Tulip Garden is also in season.
Hitachi Seaside Park's Tulip Garden is covered by 260,000 tulips from around 230 species. "Happy Generations" contrast beautifully in white and red, while bright red "Aladdins" with their pointed tips catch one's eye, and "Antoinettes" add a touch of pizazz with their yellow petals with pink tips. You can enjoy a wide variety of beautiful tulips here, and the greenery of the trees combined with the flowers is sure to be a hit on Instagram, too.

See if you can pick a favorite from the tulips blooming in the park.
[Video] 1:12 - An Assortment of Tulips
[Video] 1:43 - Tulips Blooming Under the Sun
[Video] 2:13 - Individual Tulips

What Flowers Are Currently Blooming at Hitachi Seaside Park?

Image of kochia at Hitachi Seaside Park, Hitachinaka, Ibaraki
Photo:Kochia at Hitachi Seaside Park, Hitachinaka, Ibaraki

You can enjoy flowers throughout all four seasons at Hitachi Seaside Park, with the obvious inclusion of nemophila and tulips. Here, we'll introduce all the flowers you can see at Hitachi Seaside Park, season by season.

• Spring (March - May)
Rape blossoms, Japanese plum blossoms, daffodils, Christmas roses, peach blossoms, tulips, nemophila, poppies, linaria, roses.

• Summer (June - August)
Roses, chimaphila, lavender, lilies, kochia (green), zinnia, titanbicus, sunflowers, pampas grass.

• Fall (September - November)
Pampas grass, zinnia, buckwheat, yellow cosmos, cosmos, kochia (red), lespedeza, roses, chrysanthemum japonicum, Japanese silverberries, chrysanthemum pacificum.

• Winter (December - February)
Metasequoia (red leaves), ice tulips, wintersweets, adonis ramosa, plum blossoms.

Depending on the climate in any given year, there may be discrepancies in the species of flower and when they are in bloom. Be sure to look up the latest information to see the seasonal flowers at their best.

Hitachi Seaside Park Admission Fees & Parking Information

Image of Hitachi Seaside Park, Hitachinaka, Ibaraki
Photo:Hitachi Seaside Park, Hitachinaka, Ibaraki

Hitachi Seaside Park's admission fees are as follows:
• Adults (high school age+) Standard: 450 yen (290 yen for groups of 20 or more)
• Adults (high school age+) Two day: 500 yen (350 yen for groups of 20 or more)
• Seniors (65+) Regular: 210 yen (210 yen for groups of 20 or more)
• Seniors (65+) Two day: 250 yen (250 yen for groups of 20 or more)
• Children (middle school age and below): Free

Admission fees must be paid in cash. Credit cards and electronic money are not accepted, be sure to bring cash so you don't get stuck outside the park!

Each year, there are days when entry to Hitachi Seaside Park is free (not including parking fees etc.). Be sure to check the official website for the 2023 free-entry schedule.

Parking fees for a day at Hitachi Seaside Park are as follows:
• Heavy vehicles: 1580 yen
• Standard vehicles: 520 yen
* Standard vehicles (with yearly pass): 420 yen
• Motorcycles: 260 yen
* Motorcycles (with yearly pass): 210 yen

Yearly pass prices are as follows:
• Adults (high school age+) - entry only: 4500 yen
• Adults (high school age+) - with parking: 6600 yen
• Seniors (65+) - entry only: 2100 yen
• Seniors (65+) - with parking: 4200 yen

Showing your yearly pass when parking at the toll booth will allow you to park one regular car free of charge. Be sure to confirm the prices before you visit and get your money's worth at Hitachi Seaside Park.

Access to Hitachi Seaside Park From Tokyo

Access to Hitachi Seaside Park from Tokyo is as follows:

Approximately 2 hours by Ibraraki Kotsu expressway bus bound for Katsuta/Tokai from the Yaesu South Exit of Tokyo Station.

Approximately 2 hrs. by train.
From Tokyo station to Katsuta Station 1 hr. 15 mins. From Katsuta Station, bus stop #2, take the regular bus to Hitachi Seaside Park's West Exit (Approximately 15 mins), or to the South Exit (Approximately 20 mins).

Take the Joban Expressway to the Kita-Kanto Expressway, and then the Hitachinaka Toll Road. Exit at the Hitachi Seaside Park IC (Approximately 1 hr. 30 mins).

Summary of Tulips at Hitachi Seaside Park

During nemophila season at Hitachi Seaside Park, the tulip garden has become a favorite of those who know about it. That there are around 230 species of tulip is a surprise in and of itself! Be sure to take photos of singular tulips as well as tulips in groups.

Because of the sheer size of the park, as well as the various attractions, you can expect to spend anywhere from 2-5 hours at the park, depending on who you come with, your pace, and your plans. Enjoy a warm spring day at Hitachi Seaside Park!

◆Hitachi Seaside Park◆
【Address】605-4 Onuma-aza, Mawatari, Hitachinaka, Ibaraki
【Hours】9:30 am - 5:00 pm (※Closing time varies by season)
【Admission Fee】Adults (high school age+): 450 yen *Middle schoolers and younger free
【Closures】Every Tuesday (if Tuesday is a national holiday, the following Wednesday), December 31, January 1, the first Monday in February through Friday of that week
※During certain periods the park opens every day. For more details, please visit the official website.

【Official Website】Hitachi Seaside Park

【TripAdvisor】Hitachi Seaside Park

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4K Video of Hitachi Seaside Park's Tulip Garden Will Make You Feel Like You're Actually There! Introducing the Seasonal Flowers at the Beautiful Park in Ibaraki, Japan
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