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Nagano Prefecture’s Famous Cherry Blossom Wonderland, Rokudo Bank!

This video, titled "[ 4K UltraHD ] 六道堤の桜 - Cherry Blossoms at Rokudo Bank - (shot on Samsung NX1)," was created by "AQUA Geo Graphic."

This three-minute video captures a stunning view of the sea of cherry blossoms at Rokudo Bank
Normally, when thinking of the Koshinetsu region or the Nanshin region of Nagano Prefecture (甲信越地方・長野県南信地方, koshinetsu chiho・nagano-ken nanshin chiho), the area best known for cherry blossoms would be Takato Castle Ruins Park (高遠城址公園, takato joshi koen).
This park is one of the three great cherry blossom spots in Japan, known for having "the best cherry blossoms under the heavens."
However, another special spot, known only to locals, exists in Ina City (伊那市, ina-shi).
Enjoy the beautiful cherry blossom viewing spots of Nagano Prefecture in the video.

Rokudo Bank, Nagano Prefecture

Image of cherry blossoms at Rokudo Bank
Photo:Cherry blossoms at Rokudo Bank

Rokudo Bank is just 10 minutes from Takato Castle Park by car.
Though a hidden spot, it's known to have cherry blossoms every bit as beautiful as those in the main park.

The snow-tipped peaks of the Kiso Mountains can be seen from 0:36 to 1:55 in the video.
Because Ina City in Nagano Prefecture is at a high elevation and surrounded by mountains, the cherry blossom season tends to be a bit late, but cherry blossoms are usually at their best from early to mid-April.

The Cherry Blossoms of Rokudo Bank

Image of cherry blossoms at Rokudo Bank
Photo:Cherry blossoms at Rokudo Bank

The reservoir is surrounded by approximately 120 takato-okuhigan cherry trees.
The sight of the sea of cherry blossoms in full bloom stretching as far as the eye can see is nothing short of breathtaking.
On days when the weather is nice, the cherry blossoms are reflected on the surfaces of the water, creating a dream-like scenery. Definitely take some pictures to post on your Instagram!
You can see this beautiful scenery in the video as well.

As seen at the beginning of the video, there is a little island of red pines in the middle of the reservoir.
This adds to the Japan-esque scenery.
You can also see two cute ducks swimming peacefully through the cherry blossoms at 1:23 in the video.
In addition to the full bloom period, another great time to visit is when the cherry blossoms began to scatter with the wind as the season begins to end.

Summary of Rokudo Bank

Image of cherry blossoms at Rokudo Bank
Photo:Cherry blossoms at Rokudo Bank

In this article, we introduced Nagano prefecture’s hidden gem- the cherry blossoms of Rokudo Bank.
This place is loved dearly by locals for its beautiful scenery.
Of course, the historical Takato Castle Park is known for its stunning cherry blossoms as well.
If you have the chance to visit Ina City in Nagano Prefecture, we definitely recommend checking out the blooming forecast before going.

◆Rokudo Bank◆
【Address】Misuzu, Ina City, Nagano Prefecture
【Access】A 15-minute drive from Ina-Kita Station on the Central Japan Railway Iida Line
【Parking】Available(Free・5 Spaces)

【Official Homepage】Ina City Tourism Association

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A Breathtaking Sea of Blooming Cherry Blossoms! Rokudo Bank in Nagano Prefecture Is a Place That Should Be on Your Bucket List!
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