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Introducing Akeno Sunflower Field in Yamanashi Prefecture!

This video is titled ““Beautiful Drone footage” Akeno Sunflower Field(【絶景ドローン映像】明野ひまわり畑)”. It is a video of the Sunflower Field of Akeno in Hokuto, Yamanashi, in Japan's Kanto region, presented by “Houdoukyoku.”

You can see the buds from the beginning of the video and from 0:27, you can see them fully bloomed, in all of their big, beautiful, yellow glory.

This popular sightseeing spot “Akeno Sunflower Field” holds Hokuto City Akeno Sunflower Festival every year when the sunflowers are fully bloomed.

What Is Akeno Sunflower Field Like?

Image of Sunflower Field of Akano in Yamanashi
Photo:Akeno Sunflower Field in Yamanashi prefecture

Akeno Sunflower Field is in Akeno, Hokuto, Yamanashi, along the Kayagatake Road; a very popular sightseeing spot.
Hokuto, Yamanashi has the largest amount of sunshine in Japan, so the sunflowers in Akeno Sunflower Field bloom around July, which is earlier than most sunflowers. There are about 600,000 of sunflowers in the field as well.

The sunflower field became a hot topic because it was filmed for the movie “Be with You” released in 2004.
A lot of fans still visit the field to this day.

In fact, there is also a place called Akeno in Ibaraki and they also have the event Akeno Sunflower Festival event.

What Is Akeno Sunflower Festival Like?

Image of Soft cream
Photo:Ice cream

There are three different areas in the Akeno Sunflower Festival: the main area, the Asaoshinden area, and the Noson Park (農村公園, Noson Koen) area.
Different ceremonies are held in different areas and they are all exciting.

Events such as the sunflower maze, sunflower art, illuminations, kids' booths, the performance by the Yamanashi Prefectural Police Band, and the bridal fair events are all very popular.
You can enjoy instagrammable lunches, sweets like ice cream, and even challenge the photo contest!

Some Info on Sunflowers

Image of sunflower

Sunflowers belong to the daisy family, and its trademark is its bright yellow flower petals.
Some of the larger sunflowers grow up to 3 meters tall (~10 ft.).
The sunflower seeds can be eaten, and even used for oil.

Its scientific name is "helianthus". Heli meaning "sun", and anthus meaning "flower"
The sunflower's origin is North America and it is called soleil (which means sun) in some foreign countries .

Sunflower Summary

As you can see from the video, Akeno Sunflower Festival in Yamanashi is a very popular sightseeing spot with a very impressive, expansive scenery.
A live camera is located around the field as well, so check out the footage collected on sunny days.
There are bus tours when the sunflowers are in full bloom so we definitely recommend participating if you have the chance.

◆Akeno Sunflower Field◆
【Address】5664 Akenocho Asao, Hokuto, Yamanashi 408-0201
【Access】15minutes drive from Chuo Expressway Nirasaki IC or Sutama IC
【Operating Hours】 8:00 to 17:00
【Parking】Parking lot available
【Telephone No】0551-42-1423
【Entrance fee】Free

【Tripadvisor】Akeno Sunflower Field
Akeno Sunflower Field

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Akeno Sunflower Field in Hokuto, Yamanashi: A Breathtaking View of Nearly 600,000 Sunflowers in Bloom! Home To the Akeno Sunflower Festival and the Filming Location of a Popular Movie!
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