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Introducing Gifu Prefecture's "Monet's Pond"!

First of all, let’s take a look at the video "[4K Ultra HD] Monet's Pond - The pond, such as Monet paintings (Shot on RED EPIC)([ 4K Ultra HD ] モネの池 The pond,such as Monet paintings (Shot on RED EPIC))".
Many of you may be surprised by the beauty of the video.

This video introduces Monet's pond, a popular tourist spot in Seki City (関市, Seki shi), Gifu Prefecture, Tokai region.
The beautiful spring pond in Gifu Prefecture is said to be visited by many tourists from Tokyo and Osaka.
The beauty can be enjoyed in videos and images in this article.
Colorful water lilies, kohone leaves, and clear water are just some of what's introduced in this 3-minute video.

What Is Monet's Pond?

Image of Gold carp
Photo:Gold carp

Monet's pond is an (officially) unnamed pond about the size of a tennis court made of spring water around Nemichi Shrine (根道神社, Nemichi jinja) in the mountains.
It was popularized through TV programs and word of mouth as the “Water Lilies" of famous French painter Claude Monet.

The beautiful Monet pond where colored carp (錦鯉, Nishikigoi) swim through the transparent pond is great for Instagram photos.
There are koi whose head pattern looks like a heart symbol in the pond and a gold carp for luck as well.

The History of Monet's Pond

In 1999, the nearby flower seedling producers weeded and some carp were brought in by locals.

It's purpose was not sightseeing, so it was mere chance that such natural beauty came to be.
Golden Week in 2016 attracted 3,000 tourists per day.

Highlights and Recommended Seasons for Visiting Monet's Pond

Image of Monet's Pond
Photo:Monet's Pond

The best time to visit Monet's Pond to experience its full beauty is during the fall when you can enjoy the magnificent view of the autumn leaves reflected in the pond.
This can be seen from 1:10 in the video.
We also recommend going in early May when the greenery is fresh or in the winter when the snow has created a beautiful snowscape.

As the appearance will change considerably depending on the weather, we recommend avoiding rainy days and going at night.
Traffic access to Monet's pond is about 35 minutes from Mino IC on the Tokai Hokuriku Expressway.
You can also go to Gifu Prefecture through a sightseeing bus tour around Monet's pond and other surrounding areas.

Sightseeing at "Monet's Pond"

Image of Grilled sweetfish
Photo:Grilled sweetfish

There are shops selling the famous "chimaki" (a dumpling wrapped in bamboo leaf) in the area around Monet's pond, so definitely don't miss out on it!
We also recommend having the specialty eel or sweetfish (ayu cuisine) lunch at Seki City.

When visiting Monet's pond, you can visit the Gifu Prefecture Hundred Year Park, Kasuga Shrine, Asakurayama Promenade, Kifune Shrine, Kaore Valley, Takaga Valley, Seki Kaji Densyokan, Koka Shrine Horado Enku Memorial Hall, Road Station “Rusten Hola Do,” and more.
In Seki City, Gifu Prefecture, the Itadori Hydrangea Festival is held in early summer, so be sure to visit Flower Park Itatori when the hydrangeas are at their best.

Summary of Monet's Pond

This time, we introduced a 4K video of Monet's pond as beautiful as an impressionist painting.
Monet's Pond is perfect for those who want to enjoy the charming scenic beauty created by nature, as well as for photography lovers.

Book a hotel in Seki City and set out on a sightseeing trip to enjoy the best views.
If you like the artistic scenery of Monet's pond, we recommend visiting Monet's garden in Kitagawa Village, Kochi Prefecture.

The landscape of Monet's pond changes depending on the weather.
We recommend that you check the weather on the day of sightseeing so that you aren't disappointed because you weren't able to see it at its most beautiful.

◆Monet's pond◆
【Address】 〒501-2901 1643-17 Itadori Kamigase, Seki City, Gifu Prefecture
【Access】About 35 minutes from Tokai Hokuriku Expressway Mino IC
【Average time spent here】1-2 hours 【Parking】200 ordinary cars
【Telephone No】0581-57-2111
【Entrance fee】Free
【Notes】Feeding the fish is prohibited.
The transparency of the pond changes depending on the weather.

【Tripadvisor】Monet’s Pond

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A Degree of Clarity and Beauty only found in CG. Monet's Pond, Gifu Prefecture: A Colorful, Beautiful Sight Like a Mural in Front of Your Eyes
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