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Azaleas at Nagushiyama Park, Sasebo: Video Introduction

This video, titled "A Carpet of Azaleas at Nagushiyama Park" (長串山公園のツツジの絨毯) was uploaded by "NAGASAKISHIMBUNSHA."

It's a drone video of 100,000 azaleas blooming at Nagushiyama Park overlooking the sea. The pink and red azaleas are in full bloom during spring. Take your time and enjoy the breathtaking beauty of these flowers!

This article will provide basic information on Nagushiyama Park, as well as information on sightseeing in Sasebo and its highlights. Read on to learn more.

An Introduction to Sasebo, Nagasaki

Sasebo, located in northern Nagasaki, is the second largest city in Nagasaki, second only to Nagasaki City, and is a 2-3-hour plane ride south from Tokyo. It's a port city known for its famous Sasebo Burgers which are handmade and made to order, as well as various attractions, such as Huis Ten Bosch, the largest theme park in Japan, and other places like the Kujukushima Zoo & Botanical Gardens, etc. Being located far south of Tokyo, the weather is on average slightly warmer than Tokyo.

Nagasaki Prefecture also has many tourist attractions to explore outside of Sasebo. Some things to do in Nagasaki include:

・Nagasaki Peace Park
・Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum
・Hashima Island (Gunkanjima)
・Nagasaki Shinchi Chinatown

If you're traveling to Nagasaki and looking for things to do, Sasebo is definitely worth a trip and you could easily spend more than a day exploring the area. Sasebo is located around 2 hours north of Nagasaki City via train.

Features of Nagushiyama Park in Sasebo, Nagasaki

Image of azaleas at Nagushiyama Park, Saikai National Park, Sasebo, Nagasaki
Photo:Azaleas at Nagushiyama Park, Saikai National Park, Sasebo, Nagasaki

Nagushiyama Park is located near the summit of the 234-meter-tall Mt. Nagushiyama in Sasebo, Nagasaki, in Japan's Kyushu region. The azaleas, which now number approximately 100,000, were first planted by local residents in 1969. In the language of flowers, azaleas have the meanings "first love," "the joy of love," and "passion. It's no exaggeration to say that the warm passion of the local people has created the spectacular scenery we see today.

There are many azalea viewing spots across Japan, but only here in Nagushiyama Park can you enjoy a view of the sea beyond the brilliantly blooming azaleas. From here, visitors to the park can enjoy a panoramic view of the northern Kujuku Islands and Hirado Island in the sea.
[Video] 0:50 - The Southern Slope of the Park Overlooking the Sea
Nagushiyama Park also has a campground, a 100-meter-long roller slide, and playground equipment for kids to enjoy. You can experience an entire day of fun-filled activities with your family or friends while viewing the azaleas and the blue sea. Dogs are also permitted in the park, so if you're traveling with your best friend, you'll have nothing to worry about.

What Do Azaleas Bloom at Nagushiyama Park?

Image of azaleas at Nagushiyama Park, Saikai National Park, Sasebo, Nagasaki
Photo:Azaleas at Nagushiyama Park, Saikai National Park, Sasebo, Nagasaki

The best time to view azaleas at Nagushiyama Park varies slightly depending on the variety of azalea. Kurume azaleas bloom from mid to late April, while Hirado azaleas bloom from late April to early May. Although there are slight variations, it's recommended to visit the garden from early April, when the azaleas start to bloom, to early May, when the azaleas are in full bloom.
[Video] 1:12 - Hirado and Kurume Azaleas in Full Bloom

According to information from the Visitor Center, the schedule for the Azalea Festival in 2023 is as follows:

2023 Azalea Festival
Event Period: April 8 - 28
Hours: 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Closures: Open daily (during the Azalea Festival)

Please note that the Visitor Center is usually closed on Thursdays. For information on blooming and events, please visit the official website. The annual Azalea Festival is quite popular and is expected to be crowded on weekends. It's recommended that visitors look up information on sightseeing and traffic congestion in the area before visiting.

Tourist Attractions in Sasebo in Spring

Image of flower fields at Huis Ten Bosch
Photo:Flower fields at Huis Ten Bosch

Below is a list of popular tourist attractions during spring in Sasebo, Nagasaki. Consider adding them to your itinerary!

Huis Ten Bosch
Enjoy the Flower Festival and delicious food at the largest theme park in Japan!

Kujukushima Pearl Sea Resort
A marine resort facility home to Kujukushima Aquarium Umi Kirara, which introduces the marine life of the Kujuku Islands, and sunset cruises on large pirate ships.

Tenkaiho Observatory
This observatory offers a 180-degree panoramic view of the Kujuku Islands, and is the most popular viewing platform in Sasebo.

Miyajidake Shrine
Miyajidake Shrine is a beautiful shrine with a brightly painted vermilion building that is said to bring good fortune, luck, prosperous business, and traffic safety.

Enjoy spring in Sasebo with Nagushiyama Park and a host of tourist attractions!

Summary of Spring Sightseeing in Sasebo and Azaleas at Nagushiyama Park

In the video, you can see azaleas in full bloom overlooking the sea. Nagushiyama Park offers spectacular spring views, that can't be found anywhere else in Japan. The 100,000 azaleas, which were planted by the local people, represent the spirit of Japanese hospitality. We recommend staying at a hotel in the area and taking your time to explore the rich nature and international character of Sasebo in spring. You're sure to make some awesome memories here!

◆Nagushiyama Park, Saikai National Park◆
[Address] 〒859-6206 174-12 Shikamachi-cho Nagushi, Sasebo, Nagasaki pref.
[Hours] 9:00〜18:00 (Admission until 17:00)
[Admission] Free ※However, admission is charged during the Azalea Festival.
Adults (high school students and older): 500 yen, Seniors (70+): 400 yen, junior high and high school students: 250 yen, elementary school students and younger: free
[Parking] Available
[Access] From Sasebo Station, take a bus bound for Hirado, change to a bus bound for Kusudomari at Sasa Bus Center, get off at Nagushiyama Azalea Park Entrance, and walk about 15 minutes.

[TripAdvisor] Nagushiyama Park

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An Aerial View of Nagushiyama Park in Spring With 100,000 Azaleas in Bloom! Beautiful Drone Video and Sightseeing in Sasebo, Nagasaki!
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