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Introducing Dogashima in Shizuoka Prefecture!

This video, "Dogashima - Shizuoka - 堂ヶ島 - 4K Ultra HD" was produced by “TokyoStreetView- Japan The Beautiful.” It introduces beautiful views of Dogashima in Shizuoka prefecture in 4K resolution.

Dogashima, located in Nishizu-cho, Kamo-gun, Shizuoka Prefecture in Japan's Tokai region, is an area famous for the fishing industry.
It is also called the "Matsushima of Izu" for its beautiful scenery. (Matsushima is one of the "Three Views of Japan").
You can enjoy marine sports such as diving, as well as tour famous spots by boat in Dogashima. Dogashima faces Suruga Bay and has beautiful scenic views. Trips like this, where you can explore famous local areas, are growing in popularity.

What Kind of Place Is Dogashima?

Image of Dogashima

Dogashima was formed by underwater debris flow from ancient eruptions, and from the pumice/volcanic ash layer that fell and piled up on top of that.
It is thought that the waves carving away at this geological layer created the steep cliffs and strangely shaped rocks that you can see in the video.
The towering cliffs can be seen from the beginning of the video.

There is a famous spot called Dogashima Tensodo Cave in Dogashima, which was formed by the waves eroding the ceiling of a sea cave, and the ceiling collapsing as a result.
You can also enjoy this beautiful sight by going on a cruise, such as the Blue Cave Tour Boat and the Dogashima Cave Excursion Boat, Senganmon Cruise boat.

The Islands of Dogashima

Image of Dogashima Tombolo
Photo:Dogashima Tombolo

The islands of the Dogashima area are: Zoshima (Denbe Island), Nakanoshima, Okinose Island, and Takashima Island. They are also called Sanshirojima.
The name Sanshiro comes from the name of a vassal of Minamoto no Yoritomo, who was called “Izu’s Sanshiro.”

At low tide, sandbars appear at Zoshima. This phenomenon is called "Dogashima’s Tombolo," and you can walk across this land formation.
On a sunny day, you can also enjoy the beautiful sunset gleaming across the islands.

Recommended Spots in the Nishiizu Area

Image of Nishiizu Dogashima promenade
Photo:Image of Nishiizu Dogashima promenade

In the Dogashima area, try to stop by the Dogashima Promenade, the Instagrammable sights of Namakokabe Street, and the Kayama Yuzo Museum.
There’s also Sawada Kouen Rotenburo, Dogashima Garden, Izu Nature School, and the suspension bridge at Ran no Sato, all of which are popular tourist destinations.

If you’re looking to grab something to eat, we recommend Seafood Dining Iwaya and Dogashima Shokudo.
Onsen hotels, such as New Ginsui, Dogashima Accueil Sanshiro, and Umibe no Kakureyu Seiryu are all great choices where you can enjoy hot springs as well.
In the footage, you can see the port town around the Dogashima area at 2:29 in the video. Enjoy the townscape of Dogashima!

Summary of Dogashima

Image of Dogashima Cruise
Photo:Dogashima Cruise

Dogashima is popular area in Shizuoka prefecture where you can enjoy the amazing scenery of the ocean.
Try going on a cruise in Dogashima and enjoy a beautiful view of the islands.

If you are planning to go to the Dogashima area in Izu, check out the information on the Izu Peninsula Geopark information site.

◆Dogashima Area Overview◆
【Address】Dogashima, Nishna, Nishiizu-cho, Kamo-gun, Shizuoka Prefecture
【Acccess】70 minutes by bus from Shuzenji Station of the Izuhakone Railway, 60 minutes by bus from Izukyu-Shimoda Station
【Parking】 Available(Free Parking)

【Official Website】Nishiizu Tourist Guide | Dogashima – Nishiizu Town Tourism Association


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Dogashima, Shizuoka Prefecture, Is a Scenic Tourist Spot Formed by Ancient Eruptions. The Powerful Scenery of Its Steep Cliffs Makes It a Must-Visit Spot in Izu!
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