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Autumn Colors at Norikura Kogen: Video Introduction

This video, titled "Autumn Colors in Japan|Autumn at Norikura Kogen" (日本の紅葉 Autumn Colors in Japan 乗鞍高原の秋), was uploaded by "beaphoto1.
The video introduces the spiritual and ephemeral autumn scenery of Norikura Kogen (Norikura Highlands), a place visited by large numbers of people every year for its legendary autumnal colors. The beauty on display is such that you'll forget all about time for the entirety of the 1-minute video. We're sure that when you're done watching you'll be itching to visit Norikura Kogen!

Where is Norikura Kogen? Basic Tips for Sightseers

Image of autumn leaves at Norikura Kogen, Nagano Prefecture
Photo:Autumn leaves at Norikura Kogen, Nagano Prefecture

Located in Matsumoto, Nagano in Japan's Koshin'etsu region, and on the eastern side of the Northern Alps' southernmost area, the Norikura Kogen highlands are a popular sightseeing spot, and are lively in all seasons, with visitors making the trip for a variety of reasons. In the summer, you can escape the heat while camping or stay at one of the bed and breakfasts in the area. As summer gives way to fall, mountain climbing becomes a popular pastime, and in the winter, skiing and other winter sports can be enjoyed here. Also, the hot springs bursting forth from several locations in the area can be enjoyed no matter the season.

Furthermore, if you're looking to get your fill of the great outdoors, no trip to Japan's Northern Alps would be complete without a visit to Norikura Kogen Holiday Village (休暇村乗鞍高原, Kyuka-mura Norikura Kogen). Situated 1600m above sea-level, it's perfect for stargazing and early morning walks, and there are even activities for enjoying nature with fellow travelers that anyone can participate in at their leisure. The views of the night sky here are truly unforgettable. Take your time and enjoy the boundless nature of Japan's Northern Alps at Norikura Kogen Holiday Village!

When Is the Best Time to See the Autumn Foliage at Norikura Kogen?

Image of Ichinose Park, Norikura Kogen
Photo:Ichinose Park, Norikura Kogen

Autumn means autumn leaves, and the best time to see those at Norikura Kogen is from mid-late October. During this period, sightseers converge on the area for a glimpse of Norikura Kogen's autumn foliage. At one of the most famous spots, Ichinose Park (一の瀬園地, Ichinose-enchi), the reflection of Mt. Norikura (乗鞍岳, Norikura-dake) on the water's surface contrasts with the autumn leaves to create a spiritual atmosphere.
[Video] 0:10 - Autumn Leaves and the Reflection of Mt. Norikura

Even the more indoorsy people will find themselves enjoying hiking around Ichinose Park. Take a leisurely walk and admire the white birch forests, Zengoro Falls, Organ Bridge (オルガン橋, orugan-bashi) which spans the mountain stream, and the seasonal flowers that can be found in the area. The giant maple tree shown in the video is popular with photographers as a superb photo spot, so don't forget your camera!
[Video] 0:31 - Giant Maple Tree

Norikura Skyline/Echo Line aka Paradise in the Sky

Image of Norikura Skyline, Korikura Kogen
Photo:Norikura Skyline, Korikura Kogen

You'll feel like you're coasting through the sky at Norikura Skyline/Echo Line. The word "Skyline" makes it sound like somewhere you'd go by car, but since this is a place to enjoy nature as well as gorgeous views while gliding through the sky, personal vehicles are prohibited in order to protect the environment and prevent traffic. If you're planning to visit by car, you'll need to switch to a bus at some point. For further details, check the Hida-Norikura Tourism Association's (飛騨乗鞍観光協会, Hida Norikura kanko kyokai) home page.

Summary of Sightseeing at Norikura Kogen

Norikura Kogen is brimming with fantastical views, including autumn leaves and giant maples, and has come to be known as a Paradise in the Sky. It's great for instagrammers and photographers alike, too. Why don't you add Norikura Highland to the candidate sites when you travel to Nagano?

Norikura Kogen is also rife with facilities, including day-trip hot spring facilities, but there's so much to see and do that we encourage you to stay the night and take your time enjoying the superb views. So let go of some of that stress and charge your batteries with the help of Mother Nature.

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Norikura Kogen – This Video of Beautiful, Kaleidoscopic Autumn Colors at a Popular Sightseeing Spot in Nagano Prefecture Will Take Your Breath Away!
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