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Check out the Video Introducing Maid Cafes in Japan!

We'll take a close look at maid cafe culture in Japan. This is a video introducing Japan's maid cafes, “Introducing @home cafe Osaka main location PV” located in Osaka.
The beginning of Otaku culture started in Japan. It has since spread all over the world and become popular worldwide. Many people are curious about this modern culture of maid cafes.

Maid cafes, where maids work as waitresses, can be found in many places in Japan. However, maid cafes are mainly located in Akihabara, Tokyo and Nihonbashi, Osaka.
If you are curious about Japanese modern cultures such as subculture and Otaku culture, please try visiting a maid cafe.

Japan's Maid Cafe Culture

Image of old town coffee shop
Photo:Old town coffee shop

It has been said that the origins of Japan's maid cafe culture started around theMeiji era (in 1912). “Cafe Lion” is the very first maid cafe, located in Ginza and Ueno in Tokyo.
Maid cafes built a reputation for good looking Japanese girls wearing aprons on top of Japanese style uniforms. Throughout its long history, maid cafes have transformed and created the modern Kawaii culture of Japan.

What Kind of Services Are Available at Japan's Maid Cafes

As you can see in the video at 0:07, the maids are dressed in cute uniforms and give the best service.

As you can see in the video at 0:45, there are several different menus available such as a photogenic cafe menu which is Instagrammable, and a rice omelet with a cute message on top.
You can also enjoy having conversations with the maids and take pictures together. Some cafes hold a live singing performance as you can see in the video at 0:56.

The Different Types of Japanese Maid Cafes

Image of Maid

There are several different types of maid cafes in Japan.
Besides the modern style maid cafe which you see in the video, there are Japanese themed cafes where they serve Japanese sweets as well.

Popular maid cafes are the "@home cafe," in Akihabara and Osaka, and "Maid Ri-min" in Nagoya.
It will be fun to visit different maid cafes in different cities. Each maid cafe has different prices and different menus.

Japanese Maid Cafe Summary

Japanese maid cafes became a modern culture of Japan, and it is a symbol of “Kawaii” culture. You can get more than what you get at regular restaurants.

Please check the official website of each maid cafe for the service, menu, and pricing. Many cafes are perfect for first time visitors, so please don’t hesitate if you are new to maid cafes.

◆@Home cafe Osaka main location Outline◆
【Address】B1F SEM building 1st floor, 4-9-13, Nihonbashi, Naniwa, Osaka-shi, Osaka
【Access】5 minutes walk from the ext 1-A at Ebisucho station on Osaka metro Sakaisuji line
【Admission Fee】Adult: 700 Yen
【Hours】11:00 〜 22:00
【Parking】Not available
【Phone Number】06-6585-9760

【Official Website】@Home cafe

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The Symbol of Japan’s “Kawaii” Culture! What Kind of Places Are These Maid Cafes? An In-Depth Analysis of the Modern Japanese Culture That People From Around the World Long For
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