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Experience "Kawaii" Culture in Harajuku!

"Kawaii" everywhere! Lolita Tour Guide, Harajuku Tour (06/18/26)" (「カワイイ」連発!ロリータガイドと巡る原宿ツアー(18/06/26)」), is a video released by "AnnnewsCH," of a Lolita fashion guide taking foreign tourists on a tour of popular spots in Harajuku, such as grocery stores and cafes.

Now that Kawaii (cute) culture is gaining popularity throughout the world, more and more foreigners are coming to Japan to experience the Japanese subculture, instead of touring Japan's high packed tourist attractions.
This article introduces Japan's kawaii culture with a focus on Harajuku tours led by Lolita fashionistas.

A Look at "Kawaii" Lolitas

Image of Lolita fashion girl
Photo:Lolita fashion girl

A growing number of foreigners visit Japan to take a tour of Takeshita Street, the holy land of lolitas.
At present, there are tours that are soaring in popularity among foreign visitors to Japan.
That tour, is the lolita-fashion Harajuku tour!

Lolita guides will take you through trendy boutiques and cafes dealing with cute fashion, and you can enjoy a tour packed with "kawaii."
The tour can be viewed at 0:12 in the video.

Lolita fashion refers to cute fashion, such as dolls, clothes with lots of laces and frills, and hairstyles with large ribbons.
Street fashion, a look sported by many young women in Japan, is said to have been born in Harajuku. The lolita girl played by Kyoko Fukada, from the movie "Kamikaze Girls" released in 2004, triggered a sudden rise in popularity.

The Kawaii Harajuku Tour!

The Harajuku tour, which allows you to experience kawaii, is a tour that takes you to Takeshita Street, Omotesando, Urahara, Cat Street, Meiji Street, and other kawaii shopping spots where you can discover new forms of kawaii in every corner.

Takeshita Street is a shopping street in Jingumae, Shibuya, and is a pedestrian mall for young people..
It's a very exciting spot, filled with couples on dates and students on school trips.
This tour will take you to a number of shopping and lunch spots, including boutiques selling Lolita fashion, Instagrammable cafes, and shops offering crepes and other sweets.

You can see the kawaii Harajuku tour throughout the video, including shopping at the cute little shop on a back street (1:55), having a quick bite to eat at the cute little cafe (2:17), and experiencing a kawaii show like at 2:26. You can see kawaii everywhere along the Harajuku tour!

Japan's Unique "Kawaii" Culture

Kawaii is a Japanese word that expresses loveliness and charm. It is similar to "Cute" when translated into English, but the nuance of "Cute" is slightly different from that of "Kawaii" in Japan as it has a childish feel to it.
Since there is no other word that fits the word "Kawaii" exactly, the Japanese word "Kawaii" has come to be used abroad as is.

The success of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu was also a catalyst for the popularity of kawaii culture around the world.
Recently, BABYMETAL, a band that plays metal music in kawaii fashion, has also become popular overseas, and the number of people from abroad who like kawaii culture may continue to increase in the future.

Summary of "Kawaii" Culture

This article introduced the Harajuku Kawaii Tour along with the video "Kawaii" everywhere! Lolita Tour Guide, Harajuku Tour (06/18/26)," by "AnnnewsCH."

In the video, you'll see how to enjoy Japan's unique culture by visiting various spots where you can experience "kawaii"!
Enjoy a tour that adds a new element of discovery to the traditional experience of Japan!

【Official Website】Takeshita Street official map -Harajuku latest information-

【Official Website】Harajuku Kawaii Tour

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