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This video, titled "[Downtown] A Report on Staying at a Manga Cafe [Seriously, This Manga Cafe Is Better Than a Hotel]" (【都内】漫画喫茶宿泊レポート【ホテルより綺麗な漫画喫茶がマジで凄い】), was released by "Shachiku [Shachikurumi Channel]" (しゃちく【しゃちくるみちゃんねる】).
A manga cafe is a cafe that has a lot of manga inside.

Recently there are more and more places that offer not only manga, but also computers, TVs, and DVD players with internet access.
There are also manga cafes that offer karaoke, showers, and darts.
Manga cafes have booths for individual use or for use with a companion, so you can concentrate on reading manga in a relaxing space.

There are also many manga cafes where you can stay overnight, so if you're looking for a place to stay the night, consider looking for a manga cafe.

At Japan's Manga Cafes, on Top of Reading Manga, You Can Also Surf the Internet, Watch Movies, and Do Karaoke! What Facilities Are Available at Japan's Manga Cafe's and What Are the Best Ways to Use Them?!
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