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This video, titled "Meet the Girls Aiming to Be Japanese Idols Part 1 [Japan in Motion 2019 #20]," was released by Japan in Motion.

In the first half of the video, three girls - a Japanese girl, Russian girl, and an Italian girl - talk about Japanese idols at an idol store in Akihabara.

The three girls also visit a prestigious school in Hiroshima Prefecture that has produced many popular Japanese idols.
Actor's School Hiroshima has produced many members of world famous idol groups, such as members of Perfume, BABYMETAL, Morning Musume, AKB48, Nogizaka48, STU48, and =LOVE.
The three even got to experience a lesson with their students!

Meet the Girls Aiming to Be Japanese Idols! Get an Inside Look at the Lessons of These Girls as They Pursue Their Dreams!
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