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The Movie Version of the Popular TV Drama "From Today, It’s My Turn!!" Premiers in Theaters Summer, 2019!

The video introduced in this article is titled "From Today, It’s My Turn!! Movie Version Preview" (【In theaters from July 17 (Fri)】(『今日から俺は!!劇場版』予告【7月17日(金)公開】). It's a trailer for the movie of the same name, posted by "Toho MOVIE Channel."

"From Today, It’s My Turn!!," is a popular drama that aired in 2018, and this film adaptation was also highly anticipated.
It is based on the legendary delinquent manga "From Today, It's My Turn!!," by Hiroyuki Nishimori, and was published in Extra Shonen Sunday from September 1988 to August 1990, and then moved to Weekly Shonen Sunday where it was serialized from issue 40 in 1990 to issue 47 in 1997.

The Popular Drama, "From Today, It’s My Turn!!"

The story of "From Today, It’s My Turn!!" is a yankee battle gag manga set in 1980s Nanya High School in Chiba Prefecture. It's considered the gold standard for delinquent manga, with a total of 40 million copies sold in 38 volumes of its comics edition.

It is unique in that, unlike other delinquent manga, there are no characters who are members of biker gangs, and there are no scenes of violence, vulgarity, or scenes that involve killing.

The Long-Awaited Movie Version of "From Today, It’s My Turn!!"

"From Today, It’s My Turn!!," is written and directed by Yuichi Fukuda, just like the drama, and the episode "VS Hokunei High School" which was popular in the original, is brought to life on the big screen by the regular cast members.

Regarding the characters and cast, main characters Takashi Mitsuhashi, introduced at 0:14 in the video, and Shinji Ito, introduced at 0:17, are played by Kento Kaku and Kentaro Ito respectively, with the heroine Riko Akasaka played by Nana Seino and Kanna Hashimoto as Kyoko Hayakawa.

In addition to this, Yuya Yagira plays Eiji Yanagi, the principal of Hokunei High School (0:24), Maika Yamamoto plays Sukeban Ryoko Morikawa, Tsuyoshi Muro plays Mr. Mukunoki, and Professor Sorimachi is played by Shinobu Hasegawa of SISSONE.
Questions about hidden cast members, such as whether Kento Yamazaki, who appeared in the final episode of the TV drama series will appear in this movie, is also a hot topic.

Created in response to many voices asking for a sequel after it gained popularity on TV, "From Today, It’s My Turn!!" is set to be released in theaters, and it will also be revived as a special drama.

The Rising Excitement for the Movie Release of "From Today, It’s My Turn!!"

Upon the release of "From Today, It’s My Turn!! Movie Version," the poster blew up on social media sites.
The movie was designed with a "Tribute to the Great Movies of the 80s," feel, with 22 cast members taking part in its creation. It's sure to attract the attention of movie lovers!

The preview introduced here also features many comedic scenes and powerful fight scenes.
There are many attractive scenes in the video, such as full-on war at 0:51.

Summary of "From Today, It’s My Turn!!"

What did you think of the introduction video for "From Today, It’s My Turn!!"?
It'll be exciting to see how the movie turns out. Are you planning on watching it?
Enjoy the legendary yankee manga, with its humanistic storyline, charming characters, and gags that will have you dying from laughter!

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From Today, It's My Turn!!: The Movie - The Hilarious Japanese Drama About Delinquents!
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