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This video, titled "36 Years Old, First Barber Shop Experience. Took My Straight Haired Friend to Barber. - RYUNO'S BARBERS - Kanagawa Tsujido, Shonan [4k Video]" (36歳、バーバー初体験。直毛の友達をバーバーに連れて行ってみました。 - RYUNO'S BARBERS - 神奈川 辻堂 湘南 【4K動画】), was released by VALET.

Ryuno's Barbers is a men's barber shop located in Tsujido, Shonan, Kanagawa.
Since its opening on October 26, 2019, it has become a hot topic on social media and has become a shop with constant reservations.
Prices start at 4,500 yen for a cut.
Since it's a barbershop, you can also get a shave as well.
The interior is decorated with antique sofas and chandeliers, and the waiting room is designed to prevent you from getting bored.

The owner, Mr. Ryuno, used to work at a barbershop in Australia, so English-speaking customers often visit the barbershop.
It's the guys first barbershop experience and he gets a great cut as well!

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Last Updated : Sep. 15, 2020
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Ryuno's Barbers, an Popular Barber Shop on Instagram! Get a Handsome Haircut With a Shop Owner Who Used to Work in Australia!
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