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Japan's Owl Cafes!

This video is titled "The First Owl Café in Nara- 'Watawata'" (奈良で初めてのフクロウカフェ【わたわた】). It introduces the owl café in Nara, called "Watawata."

There aren’t many chances where you can interact with owls, but at Japan's owl cafes you can enjoy seeing owls up close and even petting them!

Many tourists from overseas come to Japan's cat cafes, but if you're looking for a more unique experience we definitely recommend checking out an owl cafe!

How Owl Cafes Work

Owl cafes are places where there are cute owls, such as horned owls and more.
Customers can play with owls while eating and drinking, and you can even feed the owls as well!

As you can see from 0:49 in the video, there are cafes where you can put the owls on your shoulder and play with them too.
You can also take photos with the owls and post them on social media sites. You can see this at 0:51 in the video.

About Owls

Image of an owl

Owls are nocturnal birds of prey, belonging to the order Strigiformes. They are called "the professors of the forest" and "philosophers of the forest."
Their size ranges from 50 to 62 centimeters in length and they weigh anywhere from 500 to 1,300 grams.

Five species of owls exist in Japan: the Yezo Ural Owl, Tohoku Owl, Ural Owl, Moniyamae, and Kyushu Owl.
The hooting of owls can sometimes be heard as far as several kilometers away.

Summary of Japan's Owl Cafes

If you're looking to rid yourself of stress and enjoy time with an animal you wouldn't normally get to be up close to, be sure to visit one of the many owl cafes in Japan!

If you like cute animals, you can also try visiting a parrot or hedgehog cafe as well!

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Enjoy a Dreamy Time With Fluffy Owls at Japan’s Owl Cafes! Enjoy Coffee, Cake, and Other Pastries While Spending Time With These Adorable Critters!
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