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Introducing PR video of Kyoto Aquarium, a new theme park in Kyoto!

This video, titled "Kyoto Aquarium, Introductory Video. Kyoto Aquarium (Official)" (京都水族館 紹介映像 京都水族館【公式】), is made by “Official – Kyoto Aquarium (【公式】京都水族館). It's a video introducing Kyoto Aquarium.

There are many historical sightseeing spots in the Kansai region of Kyoto where you can enjoy a taste of Japan's natural landscape.
The Kyoto Aquarium is a hole in the wall spot that opened in the Umekoji area in 2012. It has been gaining popularity as a new sightseeing spot perfect for dates and leisure.

The video shows the interior of the Kyoto Aquarium facility in just two and a half minutes.
Sit back, relax, and enjoy everything the aquarium has to offer!

The Main Attraction of the Kyoto Aquarium- The Giant Salamander!

Image of Giant Salamander
Photo:Giant Salamander

If you do anything at the Kyoto Aquarium, you've got to see the giant salamander, a protected species in Japan.
Giant salamanders inhabit the area around the Kamo River (鴨川, Kamogawa), a sightseeing spot in Kyoto, and the ecology can be seen in detail at the Kyoto Aquarium exhibition “Kyonokawa Zone.” It can be seen in the video at 0:15.

Many souvenirs are sold at the souvenir shop, including a 170cm (5.5 ft.) long, stuffed giant salamander.

Recommended Spots at the Kyoto Aquarium

At the Kyoto Aquarium, we recommend checking out "Sango Sea," where you can see clown fish, "Kaiju Zone," where you can meet cute seals, "Kyo no Umi," where you can find green turtles, and the "Penguin Zone" where many penguins live.

Don't miss out on the crab, shrimp, rays, and sharks at "Iso no Classroom," as well as the jellyfish aquarium where you can take beautiful pictures for your Instagram.
You can see the jellyfish swimming gracefully at 1:16 in the video.

Enjoy the Experience Program at the Kyoto Aquarium!

Image of Dolphin show
Photo:Dolphin show

The performance seen at the 180-degree panoramic dolphin stadium at Kyoto Aquarium, introduced at 1:44, is amazing.
Dolphin shows can become crowded pretty quickly, so we recommend grabbing a seat sooner rather than later.

You can also participate in other events such as feeding time and experiences where you can touch some fish.
There are also lunch and cafe shops inside the hotel, so you can enjoy delicious food that can only be eaten here.

Summary of Kyoto Aquarium

The Kyoto Aquarium houses around 250 species of marine life.
Many creatures are introduced in the video as well.
Which one was your favorite?

Check out the video again to get a better look at some of your favorite exhibits and to see anything you may have missed the first time around.
The Kyoto Aquarium, where you can meet cute creatures, is a tourist attraction that you should add to your Kyoto sightseeing trip.

◆Kyoto Aquarium Facility Overview◆
【Address】35600-8835 35-1 Kankiji-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto
【Access】About 15 minutes by walk from Kyoto Station
【Hours】From 10:00 to 18:00
【Closures】Open all year round
【Telephone No】 075-354-3130
【Admission fee】Adults 2,050 yen, high school students 1,550 yen, middle and elementary school students 1,000 yen, infants 600 yen (* as of November 2019)

【Official Website】Kyoto Aquarium, just off Umekoji Kyoto Nishi Station

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Last Updated : Jan. 20, 2022
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An In-Depth Look at the Attractions of Kyoto Aquarium! Keep Your Eyes Peeled for the Giant Salamander- A Protected Species in Japan!
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