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Introducing Kobe Animal Kingdom, a Facility Where You Can Interact With Cute Animals up Close

This video, titled "Kobe Animal Kingdom" (神戸どうぶつ王国), was uploaded by "Kobe Animal Kingdom" (神戸どうぶつ王国 Kobe Animal Kingdom).
Kobe Animal Kingdom, located on Port Island, an artificial island in Kobe, Hyogo, in Japan's Kansai region, is a facility with a theme of "symbiosis between flowers, animals, and people."

The 25,000-square-meter site is filled with 10,000 plants and flowers of around 1,000 different species, as well as 600 animals of approximately 110 different species.
The biggest attraction of Kobe Animal Kingdom is that many of the animals in the park are free-range, so visitors can enjoy interacting with cute animals up close.
There are also many shows, performances, and attractions that help visitors feel closer to the animals.

The official video of Kobe Animal Kingdom, introduced here, is a short, two-minute video that introduces all the attractions of the facility.
We hope you enjoy it!

Meet Cute Animals at an Indoor Park

Image of parakeets at Kobe Animal Kingdom
Photo:Parakeets at Kobe Animal Kingdom

Kobe Animal Kingdom is divided into two areas: the Inside Park and the Outside Park.
The Inside Park, shown at 0:19 in the video, is an all-weather facility that allows visitors to walk around in the rain without getting wet.

At "Contact Animals," visitors can interact with small animals, such as rabbits, dogs, cats, macaws, parrots, and more.
There are also wild cats and sand cats on exhibit.
At "Tropical Forest," animals living in the tropics spend their free time in their natural habitat.
Here, visitors can interact with capybaras, tropical birds, sloths, etc.

In addition, at "Wind Stadium," where bird shows are held, visitors can take pictures with owls.
"Water Lilies" is a huge pool with approximately 100 species of water lilies in bloom and small tropical fish that can be fed.

A Full-Fledged Zoo in an Indoor Park

Image of a shoebill at Kobe Animal Kingdom
Photo:A shoebill at Kobe Animal Kingdom

Kobe Animal Kingdom has a large indoor area with a full-fledged zoo inside the indoor park.

Kobe Animal Kingdom is divided into the various regions found around the world, including Asian Forest, African Wetlands, Tropical Wetlands, Tropical Forest, and Rocky Valley, and is home to a wide variety of animals, including reptiles, hippopotamuses, wolves, bears, red pandas, manuls, ring-tailed lemurs, lesser anteaters, and Tam Tam, a pygmy hippopotamus that moved in in July 2020 from NIFREL in Suita, Osaka.
There is also an ecological garden for the "shoebill," an unmoving pelican that lives in Africa.
This opened in April 2021, and the facility currently trying to breed them for the first time in Japan.

In addition, you can have lunch at a location popular on social media for its panorama of flowers hanging from the ceiling of the restaurant and cafe.
AlpaCafé also sells original animal-themed food, such as Shoebill Coffee.
There is also a souvenir store, selling many goods featuring the park's animals.
These goods can also be purchased at the official online store.

Experience Kobe Animal Kingdom's Outside Park

Image of a red kangaroo at Kobe Animal Kingdom
Photo:A red kangaroo at Kobe Animal Kingdom

Kobe Animal Kingdom also has a great outside park.
The Outside Park, which can be seen from 1:35, is an open area where visitors can see kangaroos, alpacas, and giant tortoises.
You can also ride camels and horses, and dog shows are held daily.
At Aqua Valley, visitors can meet cute penguins and seals.
The admission fee to Kobe Animal Kingdom is 1,800 yen for adults (junior high school students and older).
You can get a discount on the admission fee by purchasing advance tickets or by using the hotel's accommodation package plan.
Kobe Animal Kingdom is easily accessible from Kobe Airport and Sannomiya Station.
There is also a large parking lot, so you can also go by car.
※On weekends and holidays, the park can get crowded, so it's best to use public transportation.

Interact With Cute Animals! Summary of Kobe Animal Kingdom

Kobe Animal Kingdom is a place where flowers, animals, and people come into contact with each other.
Kobe Animal Kingdom is constantly changing, with new areas popping up constantly.

The park is currently implementing initiatives for "biodiversity conservation" and "environmental conservation" so that the animals can live comfortably.
They also conduct crowd-funding to further develop their efforts.
If you're looking to experience the animals of the world, consider checking out Kobe Animal Kingdom!

◆Kobe Animal Kingdom Facility Information◆
【Address】7 Chome-1-9 Minatojima Minamimachi, Chuo Ward, Kobe, Hyogo 650-0047
【Telephone】+81 078-302-8899
【Hours】Please inquire directly as hours can vary by season.
【Closures】Closed every Thursday (※Excluding national holidays)
【Admission Fee】
Adults (junior high and older): ¥1,800
Elementary Schoolers: 1,000
Children (ages 4 & 5): ¥300
Seniors (65 and older): ¥1,300

【Official Website】Kobe Animal Kingdom

【Trip Advisor】Kobe Animal Kingdom

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