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This video, titled "[Kochi Prefecture] Prefectural Facilities Information|Noichi Zoological Park" (【高知県】県立施設だより 高知県立のいち動物公園), was released by "KochiPref."

Kochi Prefectural Noichi Zoological Park was selected as the No. 1 Zoological Park in Japan by several review sites, specifically on Tripadvisor's "Top 10 Zoos in Japan 2019."
The reason for this is the proximity to the animals and the open manner of the exhibits where the animals can live in a carefree manner.
You can see the animals living their lives in a natural way, and the park is designed to be enjoyable for adults as well as children.

The video shows animals, such as California sea lions, chimpanzees, spotted hyenas, and shoebills.
In addition, there are 1,200 animals of 100 different species that are kept in a variety of habitats.

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Last Updated : Sep. 15, 2020
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It's Not Just for Kids, but Adults Too! Kochi Prefecture's Ichibutsu Park Where You Can See Animals in Their Natural Environment!
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