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Giant Panda's at Adventure World – Check It Out in the Video!

This video, titled "[Yuihin] Introducing a Panda at Adventure World (Saihin's Sister)" (【結浜(ゆいひん)】アドベンチャーワールドのパンダを紹介(彩浜のお姉さん)), was uploaded by "Orange Animal Channel" (オレンジ動物チャンネル).
It introduces Yuihin, a giant panda at Adventure World in Wakayama Prefecture, as well as her eating habits and more.

The giant panda is popular among visitors to the theme park for its cute appearance.
In Japan, they can only be seen at Ueno Zoo in Tokyo, Adventure World, and Kobe Oji Zoo in Kobe.
When the babies are exhibited for the first time to the public, many people gather to see the cute and cuddly not-yet-giant pandas.

Image of a giant panda
Photo:A giant panda

Featured in the video is Yuihin, a giant panda at Adventure World.
Yuihin is a female giant panda born at Adventure World on September 18, 2016, and her name (結浜: 結 (Yui), meaning "connect") reflects her wish to "connect" the past and future, and to create a future that "connects" the various values of people around the world.
Hin (浜 (also read as "hama"), meaning "shores"/"beach"), on the other hand, is taken from Shirahama, where Adventure World is located, and all giant pandas born at Adventure World have "浜" (hin) in their names.

Yuihin's mother is "Rauhin" (良浜) and her father is "Eimei" (永明).
In the video, it's explained that there are 8 brothers and sisters with the same parents (9 total if you include Yuihin), but after the video was made in 2019, "Fuhin" (楓浜) was born on November 22, 2020, so there are now a total of 10 siblings.

Of the siblings, the four twins and Yuhin (優浜) (not to be mistaken for Yuihin (結浜)) have returned to China, so the females currently living at Adventure World are Ouhin (桜浜), Tohin (桃浜), Saihin (彩浜), Fuhin (楓浜), and Yuihin (結浜).
The distinctive characteristic of Yuihin is the cowlick on top of her head, which is one of the things that makes her so cute.
She is also very curious and tomboyish.
You can see the introduction of Yuihin from 0:23 in the video.

Eating Habits of the Giant Panda Shown in the Video

Image of a bamboo forest
Photo:A bamboo forest

Giant pandas are known to eat mainly bamboo and bamboo grass.
Although they are thought to be herbivorous animals, they are actually "omnivores" in the Carnivora order and Ursidae family.
However, even in the wild, they eat very little meat, if any, primarily consuming bamboo and bamboo leaves from bamboo forests.
The length of the giant panda's intestines is not as long as those of herbivores, and is closer to that of carnivorous animals.
The reason they eat so little meat is thought to be due to the living environment of the giant panda.
It is believed that giant pandas, whose habitat is deep in the mountains of China to avoid competition from outside forces, have come to eat bamboo and bamboo grass, which can be obtained stably even in winter, regardless of weather conditions.
For that reason, they do not hibernate in winter as they have food available.

Giant pandas, also known as simply "pandas," have a head and body length of 120-150 centimeters, with males weighing 100 kilograms and females 90 kilograms. Standing, the giant panda is approximately 170 centimeters tall.

Giant pandas eat an average of 15 kg of bamboo and bamboo grass per day, so it costs a lot of money to secure a stable supply of food.
In addition, since they are on loan from China, there are also rental fees, making it very expensive to raise them.

Giant Pandas Facing Becoming an Endangered Species

Image of giant pandas
Photo:Giant pandas

The giant panda is a mammal that is facing possible endangerment.
Although the Washington Convention and the Chinese government are working to protect them, the population of giant pandas in the wild is estimated to be only about 1,600 worldwide.

Adventure World is conducting breeding research using a "breeding loan program" to breed giant pandas, which are on the brink of becoming an endangered species.
Currently, there are seven pandas living at Adventure World, making it the zoo with the largest number of pandas in Japan.

Summary of Giant Panda's at Adventure World

Image of Adventure World, Wakayama Prefecture
Photo:Adventure World, Wakayama Prefecture

In this article, we introduced the giant panda, an animal popular for its large head and cute appearance.
The video captures Yuihin eating her tasty bamboo grass.

We hope you enjoy the video of the very cute giant panda Yuihin at Adventure World.

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