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This video, released by "Tokyo Zoo Net YouTube channel" (東京ズーネット YouTubeチャンネル), is titled "Shan Shan 1064 days old, taken May 11, 2020 (with audio)" ( シャンシャン1064日齢 2020年5月11日撮影(音声あり)).

As of 2020, there are 10 pandas in Japan.
Six of them live at Adventure World in Wakayama Prefecture, one at the Oji Zoo in Kobe, and three at the Ueno Zoo in Tokyo, including Shan Shan (Xiang Xiang), who is featured in the video.

Shan Shan was born in 2017 to the pandas Ri Ri and Xin Xin.
She will be three years old in June 2020 and already weighs 81.4 kg.
If you want to catch a glimpse of the cute Shanshan, you should visit the Ueno Zoo!

All Eyes Are on Shan Shan, a Cute Little Three-Year-Old Panda! Check Out the Number of Pandas in Captivity in Japan and Information on Zoos Where You Can Meet Pandas!
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