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Jazz Pianist Hiromi Uehara

This video, titled "Hiromi Uehara・The Trio Project feat. Anthony Jackson & Simon Phillips" is a YouTube video introducing jazz pianist Hiromi Uehara's latest work "MOVE," released in 2012.

First, let's check out the video, released by Universal Music Japan, to see the trio's incredible performance!

Jazz Pianist Hiromi Uehara

Hiromi Uehara is a jazz pianist born in Shizuoka, Japan and currently resides in the United States.

Hiromi Uehara is a jazz pianist born in Shizuoka who currently resides in the United States.
She was born on March 26, 1979.
In Japan she just goes by "Hiromi."
In 2007, she married designer Yasuhiro Mihara.

The Music of Jazz Pianist Hiromi Uehara

Hiromi Uehara started playing the piano when she was a kid and has been successful in many Yamaha competitions.
Hiromi Uehara has been playing jazz since she was eight years old, and after moving to the United States, she graduated at the top of her class at the Berklee College of Music with a degree in jazz composition.

After making her international debut as a jazz pianist in 2003, she has been touring the world and giving concerts that have taken the jazz world by storm.

What's Hiromi Uehara up to These Days?

Jazz pianist Hiromi Uehara has performed at many venues in Japan, including Kanazawa and Okinawa.
She has also collaborated with Akiko Yano and performed with the Japanese music unit "Rexi."

Her activities were also featured on the TV show "Jonetsu Tairiku."
In 2020, she performed a solo rendition of "Sukiyaki " on Instagram, attracting a lot of attention.

Summary of Jazz Pianist Hiromi Uehara

This video shows the amazing quality of Hiromi Uehara's jazz performances, so you can relax and enjoy the sounds.
At the end of her intoxicatingly powerful performance, the audience gave him a standing ovation. This is shown at 11:01 in the video.

If this article about Hiromi Uehara has you interested in her music, consider checking out her single "Kaleidoscope" or her piano album "Spectrum."
If you want to experience one of her performances, be sure to do some research and find yourself a ticket!

【Official Homepage】Hiromi Uehara Official Site

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Enjoy the Beautiful Melodies of Jazz Pianist Hiromi Uehara! Her Beautiful, Heart-Stirring Jazz Creates a Whirlwind of Excitement Around the World!
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