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What Kind of Tourist Spot Is Kisarazu, Chiba Prefecture?

This video, titled "[Kisarazu PR Video] A City for the Future|English-Subtitled Version" (【木更津市PR動画】未来につながるまち 英字幕ver), was released by "Kisarazu Promo Channel" (きさらづプロモチャンネル).

Kisarazu is known as the holy lands of the famous TV drama "Kisarazu Cat's Eye."
It's also here in Kisarazu that the popular artist group "Kishidan" was formed.
In this article, we'll introduce the charm of Kisarazu, a port city in Chiba prefecture, alongside the video.

Recommended Tourist Spots in Kisarazu, Chiba

Image of Nakanoshima Bridge
Photo:Nakanoshima Bridge

Nakanoshima Bridge in Kisarazu, Chiba prefecture, shown at 1:52 in the video, is the highest pedestrian bridge in Japan at 27 meters tall and 236 meters long.
From the top of the crimson red bridge, you can see a magnificent view of the sea and Mt. Fuji in the distance, earning it the nickname "Lover's Sanctuary."

Kisarazu's Egawa Beach is a hidden tourist spot where you can enjoy digging for clams in the early summer. If you want to enjoy activities in the outdoors, be sure to visit the sea in Kisarazu.
Mitsui Outlet Park Kisarazu, where you can enjoy shopping, is another popular spot.

Festivals in Kisarazu, Chiba

Image of Chiba Prefecture, Kisarazu Port Festival Fireworks Festival
Photo:Chiba Prefecture, Kisarazu Port Festival Fireworks Festival

In Kisarazu, Chiba there are many festivals held throughout the year where you can experience Japanese culture.
One that is especially famous is the event "Yassai Mossai" which is held on August 14th and 15th every year, which can be seen from 1:59 in the video.
"Yassai Mossai," which is held as one of Kisarazu Port's festivals, is a historic festival where the people of the city dance and parade down the main street.
The Kisarazu Port Festival Fireworks Festival is also held on the 15th, and the roadside where you can enjoy local gourmet food is crowded with people who come to see the awesome display.

In addition, there's the annual festival of Yatsurugi Hachiman Shrine held in July, in which mikoshi (portable shrines) are carried around, as well as Nakajima Bontentate held in January, so be sure to visit them.

Access To Kisarazu, Chiba

Chiba Prefecture, Tokyo Bay Aqua Line
Photo:Chiba Prefecture, Tokyo Bay Aqua Line

The appeal of Kisarazu is that it only takes about 15 minutes to reach Kawasaki using the Tokyo Bay Aqua Line.
There are also buses to and from Tokyo from Chiba Station via the Aqua Kaneda Bus Terminal.

We also recommend the Umihotaru Parking Area for sightseeing around Kisarazu.
The Ken-o Expressway also gives you easy access to Narita Airport.
If you're going by car, stop by Roadside Station Kisarazu Umakuta-no-sato for sightseeing.

Summary of the Easily Accessible Kisarazu, Chiba

Image of Chiba Prefecture, Tokyo Bay Aqua Line
Photo:Chiba Prefecture, Tokyo Bay Aqua Line

As you can see from the video we introduced, Kisarazu, Chiba is considered a tourist destination with excellent access.
Be sure to stop by the many tourist spots and have a wonderful time!

【Official Website】Kisarazu Chiba Prefecture City Hall Website

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Kisarazu, Chiba - Famous for 'Kisarazu Cat's Eye' and the Rock Band 'Kishidan'! Be Captivated by the Town Where Life and Nature Coexist as One!
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