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Japan’s Sightseeing Destination, Kagoshima

“What does Kagoshima even have?”

For those searching for sightseeing spots in Kyushu’s Kagoshima Prefecture, Kagoshima City (九州鹿児島県鹿児島市, Kyushu Kagoshima-ken Kagoshima-shi), this video is definitely for you.
「Kagoshima City, Japan in 8K-鹿児島市」is a video created by the "Kagoshima Convention" to promote the beautiful sightseeing spots of Kagoshima.

By watching this video, you'll learn how to enjoy the beautiful scenery and history of Kagoshima City.
Let’s take a look at Kagoshima’s various sightseeing spots and plan a fun and fulfilling trip!
In this article, places to enjoy Kagoshima’s scenery and culture will be introduced.
In the 3-and-a-half-minute video, Kagoshima’s sightseeing locations, food, and nature are introduced.
It's really something else.

Scenic Areas in Japan’s Popular Sightseeing Destination- Kagoshima

Image of Senganen Garden
©Kagoshima Modifying

In Japan’s popular sightseeing destination Kagoshima, there are numerous Insta-worthy places where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery.

One place we recommend is the Senganen Garden (仙厳園, Sengan-en), one of the Daimyo gardens (大名庭園, Daimyo tei-en) unique to Japan.
At Senganen Garden, you can view the exquisite garden scenery as well as the majestic Sakurajima, It's a great way to experience Japan's harmony with nature.
Among the many places in the video, this is the first to be introduced.
You can view Senganen Garden at 0:04 in the video.

The Shoko Shuseikan Museum (尚古集成館, Shoko-shuseikan), with exhibitions about the Shimazu clan (島津家, Shimazu-ke), as well as a factory where you can view the manufacturing process of Satsuma Kiriko cut glass, are also nearby.
This area is a must-visit for fans of Japanese history and traditional culture.

There's also the Kagoshima City Tram that runs through the city and the scenic townscape, the views from the Shiroyama Park Observation Deck (城山展望台, Shiroyama tenboudai) the Sakurajima ferry (桜島フェリー, Sakurajima feri), the Kagoshima Kinko Bay Summer Night Fireworks Display (かごしま錦江湾サマーナイト大花火大会, Kagoshima Kinko-wan sama-naito dai-hanabi-taikai), and more - Kagoshima is full of beautiful sights to enjoy.
These spots are all shown in the video, so do keep a lookout for them!

Kagoshima is rich in nature. Firstly, as shown at 0:31 in the video, you can experience kayaking while enjoying a view of Sakurajima.
In addition, as seen from 1:16, there is also the “Natural Foot Bath Digging,” a unique experience where you can dig a hole on the beach and enjoy your very own foot bath. Please enjoy the nature of Kagoshima City.

Places to Experience Japanese History and Culture in Kagoshima

Image of Tsurumine Shrine
Photo:Tsurumine Shrine

There are famous places to experience Japanese history and culture in Kagoshima.
One such place is the Tsurugane Shrine (鶴嶺神社, Tsurumine-jinja), where the head of the Shimazu clan is enshrined.
The solemn atmosphere of the shrine will have a sobering effect on you.
It is also said that a visit to Tsurumine Shrine will make you beautiful both physically and mentally, thus making the shrine a popular destination with female visitors.

The Former Shuseikan Machinery Factory (旧集成館機械工場, Kyu shuseikan kikai kojo), where the fixing of steam locomotives and the arrangement of machinery parts was carried out, is another place we recommend for learning about Japan’s culture and history.
This is introduced at 0:13 in the video.

Food in Kagoshima!

One more drawing point of Japan’s popular sightseeing area, Kagoshima, is the mouthwatering food!
If you visit Kagoshima, one delicacy you can’t afford to miss is the Kagoshima Kurobuta pork (かごしま黒豚, Kagoshima kurobuta).
Kagoshima Kurobuta pork is special for its melt-in-your-mouth texture, with high-quality marbled fat and no unpleasant odor at all.
If you have a taste of this pork from pigs raised in the natural landscape of Kagoshima, you can't possibly have a bad trip. It's that good.
If you do anything in Kagoshima at least try the pork!

For those who enjoy shochu (焼酎 shochu), consider paying a visit to the shochu brewery.
There are also popular shochu bars in Kagoshima, so for those interested, do make sure to pay them a visit.

Beyond that, Kagoshima Kuroushi beef (鹿児島黒牛, Kagoshima kuroushi), Kagoshima ramen (鹿児島ラーメン, Kagoshima ramen), Sakurajima radish (桜島大根 Sakurajima daikon), and udon are all foods which you should definitely try out in Kagoshima.
This information is introduced from 2:08 in the video.
You are sure to find at least one dish to suit your tastes!

Summary of Kagoshima

Image of Kagoshima Sea
Photo:Kagoshima Sea

The video referenced in this article, 「Kagoshima City, Japan in 8K-鹿児島市」, created by the "Kagoshima Convention," comprises numerous scenes showing the various attractions of Kagoshima.
The beauty of Kagoshima is too much to explain in just one article, so please take the time to watch it if you still haven't yet!
Where do you plan on visiting?

Kagoshima City, is not only full of beautiful sights, but also teeming with Japanese culture.
Do enjoy both the sightseeing spots and food, and have an amazing trip!

【Official Website】Kagoshima Prefecture, Kagoshima City Municipal Hall Homepage

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Kagoshima: Sakurajima, Satsuma Kiriko Cut Glass, and of Course, Food! Join Us on a Journey to Discover the Charms of This Beautiful City!
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