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An Oasis in Tokyo "Akiruno City Tourism PR Video"

The video “[4K] Akiruno city-the unknown Tokyo / JAPAN / Akiruno City Sightseeing PR Video([4K] Akiruno city - the unknown Tokyo/ JAPAN / あきる野市観光PR動画)" released by "NAKAJI" mainly focuses on recommended sightseeing spots such as the natural scenery of the Kanto region and the city of Akiruno in Tokyo.
If you watch the video, you'll be surprised by the natural beauty of greenery that you couldn't possibly attribute to Tokyo.
Akiruno is recommended as a place to relax and get away from the crowds.

This article introduces sightseeing spots in Akiruno where you can enjoy nature, history, culture and delicious food.

More About Akiruno, Tokyo

Akiruno, Tokyo is a place rich with nature, about 40 to 50 km west of central Tokyo.
With a population of about 80,600 (March, 2020), the climate is colder than in central Tokyo, and the altitude is high, so the area is not so hot in the summer.
Akigawa and Itsukaichi merged in 1995 to form Akiruno.
The name of the city is derived from the fact that "Akiru Shrine" was located in the former town of Itsukaichi.

It is a recommended travel destination for those who are tired of urban life, and has places such as instagram spots and stylish cafes that can be seen in the video.

Image of Yozawa River
Photo:Yozawa River

Speaking of Akiruno's symbol, the clear stream Akigawa, the largest tributary of the Tama River, definitely comes to mind.
It flows about 20 km from Hinohara Village to Akiruno, and the surrounding scenery is superb.
You can see various landscapes depending on the season, such as fresh greenery in the spring and autumn leaves in the fall.
In addition, Ishibune Bridge in the Akigawa Valley is one of the places to see when you go to Akiruno.
It is a must-go-to location for checking out the scenery of the river and the autumn leaves that you can see from the top of Ishibune Bridge. The lush nature of Akigawa and the surrounding area can be seen at 0:12 in this video. Akiruno is also famous for Shiroyama. Shiroyama in the Togura district, is a mountain that used to be called "Togura Castle".
From the top of Shiroyama, if the weather is nice, you can see the city center, and you will be impressed by the superb view.
Since the altitude is not high and it is a gentle mountain trail, it is also a recommended route for beginners climbing and hiking.
In addition, "Yamasaki no Oukashi," "Itsukaichi Basin," "Otake Limestone Cave," and "Akirudai Park" are other recommended scenic spots.

Information About Recommended Sightseeing Spots in Akiruno, Tokyo

One of the recommended spots when visiting Akiruno is Seotonoyu.
Seotonoyu, located near the Akigawa Valley, is a popular hot spring facility surrounded by greenery.
The quality of the hot spring is highly talked about, and its modern interior is also very popular. It is a must-visit place when visiting Akiruno.

Other recommended sightseeing spots include Kotoku Temple, Daihigan Temple, Ryushuin Temple, Fukazawa Small Art Museum, Akigawabashi River Park Barbecue Land, and Tokyo Summerland.

Also, if you want to enjoy gourmet food in Akiruno, we recommend Kurochaya, where you can eat exquisite Japanese food.
Cuisine using river fish such as sweetfish and the famous Tama Yuzu cider are popular.
You can also enjoy the atmosphere at an old house. There is also a place in the garden where you can view the bamboo forest.
The video also introduces plenty of these local gourmets from 1:37.

Akigawa corn, norabou greens and Akigawa pears are also popular foods in Akiruno.

Summary of Akiruno

Image of Akiruno・Autumn Colors at Ishibune Bridge
Photo:Akiruno・Autumn Colors at Ishibune Bridge

"[4K] Akiruno city-the unknown Tokyo / JAPAN / Akiruno sightseeing PR video" is a video introducing recommended sightseeing spots in Akiruno, Tokyo.
In addition to the ones introduced in this article, there are also traditional events such as Ninomiya Shrine Fall Festival (Ginger Festival), Shoichiiiwabashiri Shrine Festival (Ina Festival), and Akiru Shrine Festival (Itsukaichi Festival).

Akiruno is full of nature.
It has access from the city center, and it is a hidden healing location.
Why not give it a visit?

【Official Website】Akiruno-shi, Tokyo


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