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Takarazuka Is a World Famous Entertainment City!

The Takarazuka International Tourism Association created the video “A Video to Guide Tourism in Takarazuka.” The video introduces attractive sightseeing places around Takarazuka, Hyogo, in Japan's Kansai region.
This article will introduce recommended sightseeing places in the city of entertainment. Be sure to follow along with the video!

Entertainment Spots in Takarazuka!

Image of  Takarazuka Grand Theater
Photo:Takarazuka Grand Theater

The most famous sightseeing location in Takarazuka is Takarazuka Revue.
The performance at the Takarazuka Grand Theatre is a high quality show that we recommend seeing at least once.
This is one of the few all-female troupes in the world, and their well-honed performances, which have been performed for over 100 years, are a must-see.
Fans of the Takarazuka School of Music won't want to miss the Sumire Museum, where you can see photos of the Takarazuka School of Music, exhibits of teaching materials used in classes, actual classroom scenes and extracurricular activities that are not usually available to the public.
We also recommend stopping by Horai Bridge, which spans the Muko River (武庫川, Mukogawa) and is known as a view point for the Takarazuka Grand Theater.

Osamu Tezuka, a pioneer of Japanese manga and anime, was born in Takarazuka, and the Osamu Tezuka Manga Museum is located there in his honor. It has an entrance reminiscent to that of the palace from Princess Knight. Enjoy the world of Japanese manga here!

Recommended Sightseeing Spots in Takarazuka

Image of Kiyoshikojin Seichoji
Photo:Kiyoshikojin Seichoji

There are historical shrines and temples, such as, Kiyoshikojin Seichoji, Nakayamadera, Hachiman Shrine (波豆八幡神社, Hachimanjinjya), Iwashizu Shrine (伊和志津神社 Iwashizujinjya), and Mefu Shrine (売布神社, Mefujinjya). Be sure to check out theKitsugidayu Stele Monument as well.
There are also places where you can enjoy golfing and horse racing.

Tourist Attractions to Enjoy the Natural Scenery

There's a hiking trail at Takedao Haisenjiki's Mukogawa valley as well, and it gets quite busy during fall.
After hiking, bathing at Takedao Hot Springs (武田尾温泉, Takedaoonsen) is a great way to relax and unwind.

Image of Hananomichi

Takarazuka is called the "City of Gardening," and there's a beautiful dahlia garden called Aiaipark, where you can buy gardening tools, and the well-kept-secret Hana no Michi where you can enjoy seasonal flowers.
We also recommend strawberry picking at Ai-farm and buying local vegetables at Nishitani Community Center Fureai Yume Plaza.

Sightseeing in Takarazuka

Staying at the luxury Takarazuka Washington Hotel or Takarazuka Hotel where you can enjoy Taisho Roman, is a great idea for lodging.
Relaxing at Nature Spa Takarazuka and Hotel Wakamizu and enjoying the pure hot springs while dining on Japanese cuisine will make for an experience you won't soon forget.
We recommend the local specialty tansan-senbei as a souvenir.

Summary of Takarazuka

As you can see from the video, Takarazuka is easily accessed from Osaka and Kobe.
There are a lot of entertainment and natural tourist attractions in the area as well.

There's more information about Takarazuka in the video, so be sure to check it out to learn about the attractions of Takarazuka!
Visit popular tourist attractions in Takarazuka!

【Official Website】Takarazuka City, Hyogo Prefecture City Hall Website

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Hyogo Prefecture’s Takarazuka City Is Full of Entertainment! Check Out the Classic Takarazuka Grand Theater, the Osamu Tezuka Manga Museum and Other Little-Known Spots!
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