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What is Mt. Nokogiri?

This video, titled "'Breathtaking views at Nokogiri mountain known as saw-tooth mountain' Promotion movie【2017】," was directed by Chiba Prefectural Government.
It introduces Mt. Nokogiri (鋸山, Nokogiriyama).
Mt. Nokogiri, sitting on the border between Kyonan Town (鋸南町, Kyonanmachi) and Futtsu City (富津市, Futtsushi) in Chiba Prefecture, gets its name from its saw-like spiky ridge-lines. A breathtaking panorama opens itself up to you from the 329-meter-tall peaks.

Image of Mt. Nokogiri
Photo:Mt. Nokogiri

If you’re lucky with weather, you can enjoy Mt. Fuji (富士山, Fujisan), Mt. Amagi (天城山, Amagiyama) and Oshima (大島, Oshima) on the Pacific, in a single sight. The nearby "Three Great Mountains of Awa" (安房三名山, Awasanmeizan), Mt. Tomi-san, Mt. Gotemba (御殿場山, Gotembasan), and Mt. Iyo (伊予ヶ岳, Iyogatake), are a sight to behold. Immerse yourself in the pre-experience of hiking & mountaineering by watching the video!

Enjoy the Beautiful Scenery of Mt. Nokogiri While Hiking

The main attraction of Mt. Nokogiri is hiking & mountaineering.
Mt. Nokogiri Nihon Temple (鋸山日本寺, Nokogiriyamanihonji), located on Mt. Nokogiri, is the oldest imperial temple in Kanto, founded through an order given by the emperor roughly 1,300 years ago.

Within its vast realm, one of its routes contains various tourist attractions such as the biggest stone-made Buddha in Japan, Sengohyaku Rakan, and the “View of Hell.”
A relatively small mountain, at just 329 meters, you can casually enjoy hiking & mountaineering with a route that takes you to the peak within a couple of hours.

Some routes are unpaved, and it's recommended that you climb with clothes that are easy to move in with suitable hiking shoes on.
Mt. Nokogiri is a part of "Kanto Fureai Trail" (関東ふれあいの道, Kanto Fureai no Michi) a long natural hiking-course passing through the 7 Prefectures in Kanto.
The course is 1,799 km long, and lets you indulge in the beauty of nature around Kanto, connecting Mt. Takao (高尾山, Takaosan), Okutama, Chichibu, Mt. Tsukuba (筑波山, Tsukubasan), Kujukuri Beach (九十九里浜, Kujukurihama), Boso, Miura Peninsula (三浦半島, Miurahanto) and Tanzawa.

A spot you cannot miss in Mt. Nokogiri is Hyakushaku-Kannon (Buddha), the guardian of safe travels. The Kannon, at 30.3 meters tall, was carved out of stone over a 6 year period. You can watch this from 1:16 in the video.

Sengohyaku Rakan is the most prominent sacred place dedicated to Rakan, in the world, replete with Buddha sculptures carved by the most eminent sculptors of the Edo period.
You can watch this from 0:56 in the video.
There are more than 1,500 stone Buddhas, none of which have the same expression.
In the Buddha plaza sits the tallest Buddha in Japan, towering at a height of 31.05 meters.

He welcomes numerous visitors with his 6.5 meter face and 608 hair spirals.

Image of Mt. Nokogiri
Photo:Mt. Nokogiri Observatory

The main attraction of the course is the Peak Observatory.
The observatory is on the outcropped rock sticking out of the cliff and is known as the “View of Hell.”
If you're brave enough, take a peek down from this thrilling observatory.
The video introduces this from 1:52.
Even just seeing it in the video is a powerful experience.
The mountain is also popular for watching sunsets and sunrises.

The Ropeway Makes Mt. Nokogiri Accessible to All!

The ropeway provides a good alternative to cars to reach the peak. Enjoy a leisurely 4 minute ride on the ropeway to Mt. Nokogiri.
The video shows the view from the ropeway at 0:18.
Take home the beauty of the colorful autumn leaves through the lifelong memories you'll make here.

Summary of Mt. Nokogiri

A series of works titled ‘Fuji Sanjurokkei,’ developed during the Edo period by Ukiyoe artist Hiroshige Utagawa, depicts the lively mountain with the title ‘Awa Nokogiriyama’.

This suggests that Mt. Nokogiri was a sacred property, worshipped locally in ancient times.
The Kyonan, Futtsu, and Fuppo area, in which Mt. Nokogiri sits, is known as a port city along the Tokyo Bay, and restaurants provide cuisine with fresh fish.
Mt. Nokogiri is not only a site of beautiful landscape, but also an indispensable tourist attraction in Chiba where you can enjoy its history, art, the local cuisine and hot springs.

The video introduces many of the tourist attractions along the hiking course of Mt. Nokogiri, as well as information on photogenic sights perfect for your Instagram.
Be sure to check it out!

【Official Website】Kyonan Town (Kyonan Town) | The official website of the town Kyonan (Kyonan Town)

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