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This video was released by "GyakuYoga - the weapon and armor maker GyakuYoga Props" (ギャクヨガ-武器防具作る人 GyakuYoga Props).
The video is titled "ENG_SUB [Dragon Quest XI]Sword of Light Tutorial (Sword of Roto) - How make cosplay sword."
In this video, cosplayer GyakuYoga shows you how to make a sword by hand from the popular game Dragon Quest.

Dragon Quest is an RPG game that was released in 1986 and has had several installments.
Erdrick's (known as "roto" in Japan) sword, which is made in this video, is one of the weapons that Erdrick, the hero of Dragon Quest, is equipped with.

Most of the materials for making the sword can be purchased at a hundred yen shop.
It's hard to believe that this sword was created on such a low budget.
The sword looks heavy at first glance, but it only weighs 260 grams and has an iron core inside to make it stronger.
The second half of the video shows how to make the scabbard as well!

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Last Updated : Sep. 15, 2020
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Make the Sword of Erdrick From Dragon Quest With Materials You Can Pick up at Any 100 Yen Store in Japan! Tips, and How to Make Your Own!
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