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Introducing Tajima in Hyogo Prefecture

This aerial video, titled “Tajima Sightseeing Promotion Aerial Walk- Tajima Sky Road(但馬観光プロモーション空中散歩~但馬空ノ道~)” was created by “e Video”

There are a lot of tourist attractions where you can enjoy the beautiful landscape of Japan in the Hyogo area.
Let's take a look at some of the recommended locations, activities, and food!
This video is taken by drone, making it feel as if a stork is introducing Tajima. We hope you enjoy it!

Refreshing Tourist Destinations in Tajima

Image of Asago City Takeda Castle Ruins, Castle in the Sky
©rikky_photography Modifying

The most famous spot in the Tajima are is without a doubt the Takeda Castle Ruins (竹田城,Takedajou), located in Asago city.
The castle is called "The Castle in the Sky" and many people come here to see fantastical scenery.
The beautiful scenery is shown at the beginning of the video.

We recommend stopping by Mikobata Senkoujo in Asago city.
Amarube Viaduct (余部橋脚, Amarubekyoukyaku) “Sora-no-Eki” was built in the Meiji era (1868-1912) and it was used as a JR Sanin Main Line train station for about a century.
Looking at the Sea of Japan from the Amarube Viaduct makes for a refreshing experience.

Tourist Attractions in Tajima

Image of Stork

Yabu city in Hyogo prefecture was selected as a National Strategic Special Zone, and is a center for agricultural reform.
There are many rice paddies in the Tajima area, such as Bekku in Yabu city; the natural scenery here is breathtaking.
In the spring, you can enjoy cherry blossom at Tarumi-no-Ozakura and the Tajima tulip festival.
In fall, the leaves of the enkianthus perulati of Ankoku Temple (安国寺, Ankokuji) change to a deep red.
In winter, you can enjoy winter sports in Kannabe.

There are other popular tourist destinations, such as Hyogo Park of the Oriental White Stork, which reintroduces stork to the area, and Kamiyama Plateau, where you can enjoy outdoor leisure activities.
The beautiful and seasonal views of tourist attractions in the Tajima area is introduced from 3:19 in the video.

Enjoy the Geopark, and the Local Cuisine of Tajima!

The Japan Sea coast in Hyogo prefecture is listed as a Global Geopark, and the natural scenery of the mountains and of the sea is truly a sight to behold.
We highly recommend sea kayaking at Sanin Geopark.
We recommend trying Tajima beef and queen crab, both of which are raised free range.
These foods can be seen at 4:34 in the video.

Izushi city is called " The Little Kyoto of Tajima."
There is a local specialty here called Izushi Sara Soba, served in small portions on tiny dishes.

Relaxing in Tajima

Image of Kinosaki Onsen
Photo:Kinosaki Onsen

There are places where you can relax in the Tajima area, such as Kinosaki Onsen.
This hot spring is 1,300 years old, and you can enjoy a hot spring tour while wearing a yukata.
Staying at a hotel at Yumura Onsen, a well-kept-secret in the Tajima area, and enjoying a relaxing overnight stay, is another great way to enjoy your trip.

Summary of Tajima

There are lot of hidden gems in the Tajima area, north of Hyogo prefecture.
The 5-minute-long video is full of the charm of the Tajima area. Be sure to check it out!
Enjoy delicious food and beautiful natural scenery in Tajima.
Are you packing your bags yet?

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Last Updated : Nov. 24, 2020
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Beautiful Natural Scenery, Hot Springs, and Delicious Food in Hyogo Prefecture. A Look at the Wonderful Attractions of Tajima!
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